Sunday, May 29, 2005

Movers and Shakers and Way Too Many Boyfriends

What's up with the weather-bunnies? They had called for rain all weekend, cool temperatures and just plain ick. I had a bit of a cold and thought that I really didn't want to freeze in a cold, damp trailer all weekend. Well, it's been a lovely weekend, and the sun has been out, and its now noon on Sunday and we haven 't had a drop of rain. Oh well. Had a nice weekend anyway.
Went wedding shopping with C. It's only 6 weeks away, and she's still got a few things to do. Her Fiance thinks everything can be done the week before. Men! Talk about procrastinators.
Last night G and I went out for "date night" at my insistence. There are times when I am so tired of all my boyfriends. Because for a while now, I've felt like I was in a relationship with G and his buddies. Anyway, we went to this really cool restaurant that I had heard of. It is in an old Bank of Montreal building, and you really have to know where it is as there is no sign to say it is Gio's. Just a bright white, blank fluoresent light. From the outside it even looked abandoned, but from the inside, well, that is another story! Talk about movers and shakers, the hip and the hipsters! Very interesting people watching place. And the food was to-die-for delicious. Every forkful started a new party in my mouth! We had a really nice time, and I was able to talk to G and let him know how I felt about all the boyfriends. Really, it's not that I mind them so much, it's just that I'm tired of cleaning up after them all the time, feeding them, and spending every weekend with them! What I really want though, is more nights like last night, where I can get dressed up, feel like a lady, and have a bit of romance. Once a month. It's all I'm asking. Let's see how that'll work.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Product Endorsement Time!

OK. So, last week the girls at work got all excited. One of them had seen an Oprah show where she was all hyped about this make-up line, where EACH ITEM of make-up was ONE DOLLAR. So, a bunch of us thought, what the hell, lets order it and see what happens...
We each ordered 10 items (which, with the Cdn exchange, shipping and handling, came to $16.60...STILL a deal!) Anyway, it arrived today.
I gotta tell ya. The stuff is GREAT! OMG. OK, I LOVE make-up, but this is the best deal I've ever come across. The Lip gloss is BETTER than M.A.C. And its a buck. The eye-shadow goes on smoothly and doesn't crease. It's a buck.
Because I like you all, (and you read my blog!) I will give you the website. You really don't have much to lose,'s a great deal!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pro-Star, the new arena

The new and improved Pro-Star Hockey, complete with Advertising from the Sponsors!
Pro-Star Hockey...

May Two-Four Weekend

We were up at the trailer this past weekend. Whew! Talk about a lot of work. The boys were great and got all the rotted crap out of the ceiling, and put the first layer of the roofing up. The rotten wood and insulation was absolutely dis-gusting. It was especially bad in our bedroom. The insulation had old insect larvae in it, and the wood was black with rot. Are you sufficiently grossed out yet?
Amazingly, the trailer already smells better. It always smelled a little musty, now I know why. Anyway, the plan next weekend is to rebuild the ceiling. I am hopeful that the work will be done by mid-June, including painting the wood paneling, and new flooring.
Friday night, G's Nan came by to let me know about this absolutely beautiful mirror that was being sold at a garage sale that she was helping out at. She needed a ride out there in the morning, so I thought, ok, well I'll have a look. OMG! What a hideous mirror! It is crica 1980's and has panels of bevelled mirrors all connected together on a heavy wooden board. She couldn't wait to show it to me, and raved about it so much I felt obligated to buy it. (I hate when that happens! Why couldn't I just tell her that it's really not my style, or that I have no place for it?!) I really don't know what to do with it, but I'm actually thinking I should maybe give it to HER since she liked it so much!
So, other than getting a start on the repairs, I did get the flower beds ready for planting next weekend and really just tidied up the lot. We had great cozy campfires, and Mao was in heaven getting all warmed up, and staring in to the flames. The guys found this hockey game under the bed that G had bought last summer and had a hockey tournament that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. They were having a great time...small things for small boys (or, not so small, as the case might be!)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ahhh...a day off!
These last two days have been really busy, however I had two patients that stick out in my mind. Both had been married for over 50 years, and so both I asked 'What Their Secret to Marriage was.' The first patient, Frederick, initally said 'oh give and take, compromise.' Then, about 30 seconds later, he sheepishly grinned at me and said, well, if you don't mind me being a little more personal, I'll tell you what our REAL secret is. My little ears perked up: 'oh no... I don't mind you being personal at all!' His secret, after 55 years of marriage was that he could count on one hand the number of times he had seen his wife completely nude! He felt that she was responsible for keeping the mystique going in their relationship, because even after 55 years, he was still excited and hopeful that maybe this time he'd get to see more! I LOVED his story, it made my day.
The second patient, Dorothy also had good advice: always work hard towards helping each other grow, and you'll grow together.
In this day and age, its not often that you come across a couple who have been together so long. I think it's heart-warming. Both of these patients' first concern when they woke up from their anaestetic was 'when can I see my wife/husband?' I like that, and hope that I too, will have that experience when I'm an old lady.
Of course, by then I'll be in my 90's!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Extreme Makeover

Last night, Gee'n Me sat down and watched 2 hours of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now, we have watched this show many times before, but last night, well, let's just say it was an emotional roller-coaster. Every 15 minutes we were turning on the tears. Our conversation (for 2 hours!) consisted of:
Me: Oh My God! That is SO sad! I can't TAKE it any more! Look at those kids...they're so cute! And now they don't have a mother! Whahhhhhhhhhh! Sniff! Blow.
G: Oh My Lord! This is crazy! Unbelieveable! Sniff! Blow.
For two hours. Every. 15. Minutes. We sat there with our eyes practically popping out of our heads, our eyebrows up at our hairlines, trying so hard not to blink. And each time we failed and repeated the above conversation (If you can call that a conversation.)
Why didn't we change the channel? It was SOOO good!
This morning my eyes feel like they have been chafed with sandpaper, and they are still hurting from last nights' tears. I haven't cried like that since the last time I saw Beaches.
Strangely enough though, sometimes I think a good cry like that is a cleansing experience.
Or, am I just weird?!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dutchie Girl

Dutchie Girl in her new basket...donchya just LOVE the billboard? It's our living room view!

Today's Horoscope

I don't read my horoscope regularly, but today's reading made me feel much better about things:
"Unless you want to end up sucking on an exhaust pipe, you had better stop working yourself up over a matter that is beyond your control. Relax a little this weekend, will ya? Your astrological outlook is truly inspiring. It's all going to be just fine."~~~The Toronto Star, Phil Booth
Whew! Good thing I read that because I just can't bring myself to clean out and paint the laundry room this weekend.
I did manage another rummage sale yesterday and a variety of garage sales. No great deals found tho, just bought a couple of books, one of which I read yesterday. A highly intellectual book..."Wine for Dummies." Maybe you've heard of it?! was a quarter so I thought what the heck. I did actually read the whole thing yesterday, and learned quite a bit about wine. I am a creature of habit, and usu. only buy stuff I know (usu, Australian CabSav or Shiraz). Last night Gee'n Me watched Sideways, which also dealt with wine tastings in California, and covered a lot of the stuff I'd read. Today, we bought our first bottle of Ravenswood red Zinfandel. It is quite tasty, and I'd recommend.
World cup hockey on right now, Canada vs. Czech Rep. I really can't complain, it's the only hockey game I've had to endure this year. Last year...104 games.
Maybe the strike will last another year?!

1950's Pyrex

More Pyrex

1950's Pyrex

Here is the pyrex I have been collecting

Saturday, May 14, 2005

petal soaps

Petal Soap and Rummage Sales

Friday the 13th actually ended up being a pretty good day. Work called at 5:15 to cancel my shift. Was I upset? Nope.
I had plans!!!
I wandered around a craft store for a while, and then wandered around a rummage sale. I LOVE rummage sales. There is nothing like buying other people's crap (especially when you are packing up your own crap in order to move!) I walked away with a food saver vacuum packer sealer thingy for 15 Loons, and a pyrex bowl for 50 cents. I have a penchant for 1950's pyrex. The bowl I bought doesn't match my collection, but that's ok.
Then: last night I spent 5 and a half hours making glycerin soap petals for Christine's bridal shower. To be honest, I am quite proud of my crafty little self as the project turned out quite nice. My idea was that everybody who came to the shower would walk away with a little something. A goody-bag of sorts. I placed the petals in little glasses that I picked up at the last rummage for a dime each. I think the end result turned out pretty good (Note to Pez: Don't tell Ash!!!) Anyway, I will try to attach a few pics.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Maybe this is why I've had that Doomsday feeling all week...preparation for Friday the 13th!

paraskevidekatriaphobia (also friggatriskaidekaphobia) noun [U]the irrational fear of Friday the 13th
paraskevidekatriaphobic adjective, noun [C]
paraskevidekatriaphobe noun [C]‘Touch wood, cross your fingers, and pop that lucky rabbit’s foot in your pocket – and there will be an almost five-to-one chance that you will not then be troubled today with paraskevidekatriaphobia ­
– fear of Friday the 13th.’(Tim Radford, The Guardian, Friday 13th June 2003)

No one is quite certain why people associate Friday the 13th with bad luck. Various theories have been put forward over the years, including Friday as the day of Christ’s crucifixion and the ancient Egyptian belief that the 13th stage of life is death. Whatever the roots of this irrational fear, it undoubtedly represents a very real concern to many people, so much so that a 1993 article in the British Medical Journal investigated the relation between ‘health, behaviour and superstition surrounding Friday the 13th in the United Kingdom’. The study reported the surprising finding that, despite the fact that fewer people chose to travel on Friday 13th, there were significantly more hospital admissions due to accidents than there were on ‘normal’ Fridays. Whether this is coincidence or not, the fact remains that many of us would confess some degree of anxiety about Friday the 13th, deliberately rejecting it as a day for significant life events like marriage or moving house.It is therefore not surprising that a term for referring to this fear, albeit rather unwieldy, has been coined in English. The noun derivative paraskevidekatriaphobe refers to someone who suffers from the condition, and paraskevidekatriaphobic can be used either as an adjective or as an alternative means of referring to a sufferer.
The term paraskevidekatriaphobia was first coined in the early nineties by Dr. Donald E. Dossey, an American psychotherapist specialising in phobias and stress management, who reputedly claimed that when someone was able to pronounce the word they were cured!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Doomsday feeling...

Do you ever get that feeling like Something Really Bad Is Going On and Your Not Quite Sure What It Is, and It's Probably Nothing, But It's Driving You Insane Because You Can't Get Rid of That Feeling?!
ARGH!!! For days now, I've had a knot in my stomache and I've been on edge. Honestly, I don't know what it is. I tried to talk about with Greg yesterday. I think there is too much going on right now with having to fix up the trailer, selling the condo, and looking for a new home. Add finding lawyers, cleaning, repairs, organizing a bridal shower, my 40th b-day and work. What I'd really like to know is...and maybe this is part of what gotten me stressed out is: What do people with kids do? It has really gotten me upset. Partly because I feel inadequate, like maybe THIS is the reason, I've not been granted the gift of children: I'm simply not capable of juggling everything. I feel pulled in so many directions, that sometimes I just feel like screaming! Or crying. I just need to purge myself of this knot. (Excellent coping mechanisms, eh?!) (I know I sound absolutely pathetic, and, I'm not really...except for today apparently...oh, and yesterday!) So really...what DO people with kids do? Please don't say scream and cry...because that is all I remember my mother doing. Would I have been destined to be like her? ~Shudder~. Hmmpf. Maybe it's a good thing I've killed the gene pool.
Anyway, in our talk yesterday, we decided that we would make fixing up the trailer our priority for the next month, and put the condo sale on hold for a month. That way everything is not happening at once. The trailer, (for those of you who don't know me) is actually a really nice little summer getaway, akin to a cottage. We bought it for a steal, and to us, it is worth it to do the repairs and continue enjoying it on the weekends. Its just, that it needs quite a few repairs and I'm counting on Mr. Procrastination to do them. We were at the Trailer on Tuesday, and honestly, I just loved it. I did a bit of gardening, drank a bit of wine, walked down to the lake, and really, just fell in love with the place all over again. It is so cozy, and makes me feel good. We even had our first campfire, and it didn't even matter that it was raining, just a little bit.

On a different note, it is International Nurses Week. Last night I went to a very nice dinner held by my Union (local 80.) We got free pens, bumper stickers (whoohoo!) but also a cool goody bag, with facials, Baileys, candles, and gift certificates inside. It would be so nice if it was Nurses Year! The dinner was also excellent, they really went all out.
So, that's my latest update. Not the most exciting, but the knot is diminshing somewhat. Sometimes, I just need to get it all maybe that is what my blog is about.
Just getting it out.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thirty nine and Eleven-Twelfths Today!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Looks like I'll have to be content to be a cat mother, but that's ok, I have a lot o' lovin' in my life despite knowing I'll never have children to bring me sloppy eggs, toast and juice to bed. Greg usually make me sloppy eggs every Sunday morning, anyway. (What's wrong with sloppy eggs?! That's the way I like 'em! Ever since I was a kid. The snottier the better! Yummmmmm!) All covered with Heinz ketchup. It doesn't look very pretty, in fact, it looks a bit like a bloody nose on a plate, but it IS delicious...try it some time!

I finally finished "Running with Scissors" last night. This was not the best memoir I ever read, quite disturbing in many ways, bizarrly funny at times, but really, quite sad. Twisted, dark humour, that at times repulsed me. I would rate it 4/10. This was the book that I picked up at the Las Vegas airport on the advice of LA. Knowing her, she would not even rate this book, she would throw it in the garbage after about 50 pages into the story. LOL! Anybody want to borrow it, after that smashing review?!

So today I am thirty-nine and eleven-twelfths years old. That is just CRAZY!!! It sounds so old, and yet, I feel so young. I don't even have a whole lot of crinkles, or grey hairs. OK, the grey has popped up out of no where this past year, but I hide it well. To be honest, I'm not all that freaked out about turning 40. I'm looking at it as a milestone. I have been preparing me for this number in that since my 39th birthday I've already been throwing around the number 40, just to get used to it. See, that is why turning 40 is not going to be a problem for me. Maybe, I'll start throwing around the number 44 when people ask me how old I am! Hmmm, there's a thought: "How old are you, Ramona? " "44." "Wow! You look great! I would have thought that you were maybe, 40. You keep yourself very well" "Gee, thanks!"
See how this works? And, at this rate, I'll live to be 110 yrs old (in my mind anyway...if I don't lose it!)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thanks, Pez!

A HUGE thank you to Pez who helped me make my blog look pretty! I love the looks just like Mao!

A Really Real Real Estate Agent

Well, all my hard kitchen cleaning work paid off! The real estate agent (Pat) came over and LOVED the place! There are two other units for sale in the building, the one below with the mint green broadloom, and then there is one directly above which has a brand new granite bathroom and kitchen. She said that she liked my floors better, and that it is much brighter because of the pot lights. She thought the red kitchen was great, no need to paint it, she said! I'm so glad, because it really does look nice. Anyway, I liked her style, knowledgeable, but not pushy. She has 18 yrs experience, says she prides herself on her 'show' photos. She has a "Fluffer" but she said that we won't be needing that service (my place is already fluffed well!)
I was feeling a little guilty about not hiring Greg's best buddy who has his real estate licence, but he hasn't sold anything yet and I really don't want my home to be his first experience. I don't need to feel bad about this though, do I? Nah...

Friday, May 06, 2005

Procrastinating...Big Time!

I should be cleaning up the apartment, painting the kitchen cupboard doors and the laundry room...and what am doing? I got up at 8am and have imprinted my ass on the computer chair and have been playing around with my blog.
It has taken me three and a half hours to figure out how to add Titles to my blog. In that time, I have also decided that I didn't really care for the nickname Maye December. It was something that I thought up very quickly when I decided to start a blog, never really thinking that it would stick.
I came up with Kross-Eyed Kitty because Mao has been staring me down all morning (or maybe he is just staring down his nose!) Anyway, I wanted to add a picture that I liked to the top of my blog and have yet to figure that out. I am not really that computer-savvy, but I try!
Anyway, I really should get started with my jobs for the day...the real estate agent is coming over tonight.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Confession, of Sorts

I have a confession to make. I guiltily look to the left (no...make that to the right!) of my blog under the title of Reading. I have YET to finish one book on that list. (The first two, I have YET to crack the cover.) I used to be the biggest bookworm, and I don't know what has happened, I just don't seem to make the commitment to read a book! I have been carrying around 'Running with Scissors' since Las Vegas, when I bought it at the bookstore at the airport. Leah Ann and I got there early because she absolutely, positively did not want to miss the flight. Oh. I didn't tell you what happened on the way TO Vegas...
We almost missed our flight to Las Vegas from Pittsburg (of all places) as Leah Ann and I decided to go for a walk and stretch our legs. I spotted Victoria's Secret (which doesn't exist in Canada) and this very pushy saleswoman INSISTED on measuring our busts...FOR FREE!!! ok...I already know that I am a small cupped, broad.
Anyway, LA had it in her head that she really should get measured as her babysitter told her she needed a well fitting bra, that her boobs were sagging, or something like that. So...she got a bra. The pushy saleswoman wanted her to get a Victoria's Secret credit card, that it would "just take a few moments of her time.
It was then that we realized that we had 10 minutes before our flight pulled out! Actually, it was also then that we had the horrifying thought "IS THERE A TIME DIFFERENCE HERE????????" We raced for the gate, hearts pounding in our ears, and made it just in the nick of time, everyone was waiting for us and the ticket collectors yelled at us. Apparently they had been calling our names our for the past 15 minutes. (Obviously they had butchered the pronunciation of our names SO bad, that NO, we did NOT hear the announcements!!!) (WHO is Romano Burndadit?!)
To make a long story short, we made the flight to Vegas. Coming home, LA would have been happy if we could have spent the whole DAY sitting at the airport , so that we wouldn't miss the flight. She was fed up, missing her kids , on edge I guess, and absolutely, positively did not want to miss that flight home. So, I bought Running with Scissors, thinking I had a good solid two hours to read. Which I didn't, because LA chose that time to keep talking to me.
We made that flight, but were late arriving for our connecting flight in Philly! LA was white with anxiety and I tell you, we were running (With Scissors!) through that airport like we were on the Amazing Race! We arrived at the little prop plane "Romano Burnadadit?" (Huff and Puff )"Yes, that's me!", they slammed the door behind us and I knew our luggage didn't make it.
I could only hope that our Victoria's Secret Push-ups would somehow find their way home...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Friday night. 8PM. Appt with real estate agent. She is going to check out the place right below us just prior to meeting us. In a very strange way, I am nervous. It's like a first date, or something! I want her to like my place. I want her to say it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the place right below us (I know it is) Then I want her to say it is worth.....One. Million. Dollars!
LOL! There is another one bedroom place in my building that sold for $255,ooo. I would be ok with that, but would be even MORE ok with $265,ooo. And the place right below us, sucks with its mint green broadloom. God, I hope my place sells for what I think its worth.
On another note...I now KNOW that my mom is in love with Batcho. Not only does he have a rotten tooth that will cost $800 to remove with anesthetic and cleaning included...he somehow managed to head-butt his way through a screen door, and on to the roof. So...the cat has MAJOR vet bills...and my nearly 70 year old mother crawled up onto the roof to save the cat.
That cat has got it good.
Thank god my mom didn't fall off the roof. I don't know that I would have been able to forgive myself for getting her involved with THAT CAT!!!
Despite all the harsh words I might have written in my diaries.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thanks for letting me vent! I remember when I was younger I kept diaries. Somewhere, I have 5-6 diaries packed away. I know they are not here at the condo, but maybe at my mom's place. Hopefully she hasn't read them, because I know more than once, I ranted and raved about her!
Thankfully, Greg is someone who has the ability to think about things rationally, and, as I found out, has the ability to apologize. Crazy, how in two years, we really have not had a cross word between us...we live quite peacefully. Yesterday was interesting to me in many ways. Firstly, I had the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to say to him, rather than just see red and blurt out the first shit that comes out of my mouth, as has happened in a past relationship. I was more rational. Secondly, although he did get pissed off and stormed out, he had the opportunity to think about what I had to say, and had some time to cool off. To be fair, I don't think he had any idea of what had been going on in my head for a while because I didn't say anything. It took him by surprise. Anyway, he came home, said that he was sorry, that on many points (not all) I was right, and that he did need to make some changes. I apologized too, not for what I had said, but because I had let it build up, rather than communicate earlier about things I was not pleased with.
Thirdly, and maybe this is because at nearly 40, and I am more mature(!), I did not think that this was the end of our relationship. He left, I put on Neil Diamond (like I said I would), blasted his 20 Greatest Hits TWICE while I did some therapeutic cleaning and really, at the end of it all, felt pretty good. Is this weird, or what?! It was like I had an inner and outer cleaning yesterday.
And the dinner party was a smashing success. I had been to a rummage sale first thing in the morning (therapeutic rummaging) and had bought a trivial pursuit game for $1. It came in handy last night. I love when I can use something that I just picked up willy-nilly like that.
It's a little thrill, that made everybody happy.