Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thirty nine and Eleven-Twelfths Today!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Looks like I'll have to be content to be a cat mother, but that's ok, I have a lot o' lovin' in my life despite knowing I'll never have children to bring me sloppy eggs, toast and juice to bed. Greg usually make me sloppy eggs every Sunday morning, anyway. (What's wrong with sloppy eggs?! That's the way I like 'em! Ever since I was a kid. The snottier the better! Yummmmmm!) All covered with Heinz ketchup. It doesn't look very pretty, in fact, it looks a bit like a bloody nose on a plate, but it IS delicious...try it some time!

I finally finished "Running with Scissors" last night. This was not the best memoir I ever read, quite disturbing in many ways, bizarrly funny at times, but really, quite sad. Twisted, dark humour, that at times repulsed me. I would rate it 4/10. This was the book that I picked up at the Las Vegas airport on the advice of LA. Knowing her, she would not even rate this book, she would throw it in the garbage after about 50 pages into the story. LOL! Anybody want to borrow it, after that smashing review?!

So today I am thirty-nine and eleven-twelfths years old. That is just CRAZY!!! It sounds so old, and yet, I feel so young. I don't even have a whole lot of crinkles, or grey hairs. OK, the grey has popped up out of no where this past year, but I hide it well. To be honest, I'm not all that freaked out about turning 40. I'm looking at it as a milestone. I have been preparing me for this number in that since my 39th birthday I've already been throwing around the number 40, just to get used to it. See, that is why turning 40 is not going to be a problem for me. Maybe, I'll start throwing around the number 44 when people ask me how old I am! Hmmm, there's a thought: "How old are you, Ramona? " "44." "Wow! You look great! I would have thought that you were maybe, 40. You keep yourself very well" "Gee, thanks!"
See how this works? And, at this rate, I'll live to be 110 yrs old (in my mind anyway...if I don't lose it!)

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