Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Seeing as we have no kids, my life revolves around all of my pets and their friends. A quick little post so you can see how the kitties have evolved. You know how people like to categorize themselves into 'dog people' or 'cat people'? Well, the kitties are now 'dog cats' and the dogs are now 'cat dogs.' There are lots of dogs in Mr. Mao and Dutchie's lives! A far cry from the condo days.
Here are my three:This is Buddy and Trinity. We were dog-sitting for a few days. The first time in 15 years that my neighbour, Audrey, has left her dogs with someone else! I think Trinity quite enjoyed herself. Madame Dutchess making herself quite comfy on the couch at the trailer. Speaking of the trailer: What a difference. Thanks to Audrey and Darrell who spent the long weekend with us, we now have a REAL flushing toilet, hot water, our awning is secure, the fence and table has been painted, the landscaping has been done, the antennae has been taken down, and the trailer is sparkling on the outside. We called it the Weekend Trailer Makeover! Unbelievable. I now don't feel so much like a redneck. (Even though our salad bowls all say Cool Whip on the outside!) (JK) This is Buddy's favourite boyfriend, Dino. Buddy is the one smiling. Dino is part Border Collie, part Great Dane. He is a cutie-patootie, and the two of them play for hours on end. We are all heading up to to Bobcageon today for the next half of our vacation week. Dino's Grandparents have a cottage on the lake, and Dino's Papa will meet us at the end of the week. This is Mary-Anne, Trinity's sister. She loves to sleep and eat. Her unfortunate nickname is Pot Roast, let's just say she has an under active thyroid! She is a very sweet natured girl who was rescued from a horrible outdoor life at the age of two. Now she is a Diva who loves her treats.
A quick post, but I know it's been a while and I won't get a chance for another week or so to add anything. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!