Saturday, May 14, 2005

Petal Soap and Rummage Sales

Friday the 13th actually ended up being a pretty good day. Work called at 5:15 to cancel my shift. Was I upset? Nope.
I had plans!!!
I wandered around a craft store for a while, and then wandered around a rummage sale. I LOVE rummage sales. There is nothing like buying other people's crap (especially when you are packing up your own crap in order to move!) I walked away with a food saver vacuum packer sealer thingy for 15 Loons, and a pyrex bowl for 50 cents. I have a penchant for 1950's pyrex. The bowl I bought doesn't match my collection, but that's ok.
Then: last night I spent 5 and a half hours making glycerin soap petals for Christine's bridal shower. To be honest, I am quite proud of my crafty little self as the project turned out quite nice. My idea was that everybody who came to the shower would walk away with a little something. A goody-bag of sorts. I placed the petals in little glasses that I picked up at the last rummage for a dime each. I think the end result turned out pretty good (Note to Pez: Don't tell Ash!!!) Anyway, I will try to attach a few pics.

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