Monday, March 31, 2008

It's the last half an hour of my day at work...and I'm blogging! Yesterday we were up at Two-Four's place in Fergus. She was so happy to have her family around her and it was a fun day. I'm starting to get a little antsy about opening the trailer. The season starts May 1st, but alas, I'm away on business. It sounds so funny to say that: I'm Away On Business. It makes me sound so grown up! Isn't it funny the things that make you feel like a grown up? I don't really know when it happens, or when it happened, or if it is still happening, or if it never stops happening. Do you know what I mean? I used to feel like a grown up when I graduated university, but then I went on to college and didn't feel grown up anymore. Then, when I started working as a nurse, I felt pretty grown up, but I was still living at home. Then, I moved into a condo and felt pretty grown up, but I didn't have a boyfriend (late bloomer) so I wasn't sure. Then I moved to the Middle East, away from all that was comfortable to me, had my own apartment, met a boyfriend, travelled the world, but was having so much fun that I still didn't really feel grown up. In later years I have bought and sold a few condos, and yes, I guess I felt grown up. I felt even more grown up when Greg and I got married. Felt less grown up when we learned we couldn't have kids, and have felt even less grown up of late when we've had some financial difficulties (which hopefully will be sorted out in the next two weeks) . Whereupon I can hopefully start feeling like a grown up again.
And enjoy being a Grown Up who is Going Away on Business.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

Greg and I and our neighbours participated in Earth Hour last night. We were invited for dinner, and although it was my idea, everyone was into it. Before we left, I turned our thermostat down two degrees. As a hostess gift, I re-gifted a candle (!) wrapped it in the cover of yesterdays newspaper that had the heading "Let There be Dark", and then dropped it in the sleeve of the newspapers' home delivery bag. (OK, the bag is plastic, but it did get reused, and then my neighbour can reuse it again as a doggie poop bag!) At 8pm, we settled down to a candlelight dinner, turned off the hockey game, turned off the radio and enjoyed good old fashioned conversation. We enjoyed it so much, that we sat in candle light all evening.
It was really good time, I almost wish we could have earth hour every month.
Did you participate?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still alive...barely

It almost seems as if this winter is NEVER going to end. Here it is, March 27th, and we're anticipating yet another snowstorm! Speaking of March 27th, it has been over a month since I've blogged. I can come up with dozens of excuses, but the truth is, I'm too lazy to actually sit down and write something. At the moment I am committing a sin and blogging at work. And even though my door is closed, I'm nervous that someone is going to come barging in and see me not really working at all!
So I was talking about the weather, and we have certainly had our share of snowfall this year, as of yesterday 189 cm. Which equals 6 feet and 2 inches .
Most of it piled at the bottom of our driveway.
While it's true that this is the first winter we've had snow on the ground all winter, I have NEVER looked more forward spring. I don't know if I wrote about how I got my brilliant pink coat, but I bought it at a flea market for $25 thinking it would be a good dog-walking coat, as it is down-filled, long, has a hood, and is wind-resistant. Initially, I was embarrassed to wear it to work as it is rather, um, bright, but as the cold winter months dragged on and on and on, I decided warmth was more important than fashion. And to make the outfit even more Vogue, I purchased a pair of olive green, rubber- on- the- outside, felt- on- the- inside, Duck Hunting boots! Because warm, dry feet are more sensible than 'pretty boots.'
Oh how I have changed since the Days of My Youth when I was all about Bling, high heels and expensive hosiery!
So, how about I give a brief synopsis of what has been going on this past month or so. Believe it or not, Kross-Eyed Kitty has partaken in belly-dancing classes on Wednesday nights! And, my belly certainly is dancing, although in a different tempo to my hips! I've been going with a few of the ladies in my neighbourhood and it's actually been a lot of fun. And a lot of more exercise than I thought it would be! I have a cute little jingly-coin sarong that makes the dancing even more fun. I would highly recommend taking some classes if you can find any in your area.
Little Buddykins is a real sweetheart and sometimes it's hard to remember what life was like with him in our family. Mr. Mao likes to tease him, but then can't take it when Buddy teases him. He has never hurt the cats, but definitely wants to play with them, and they don't understand. Every night, the neighbourhood ladies take our dogs for an off-leash walk. There used to be just three dogs, but in the past month, it's increased to five. Every night at 8:30 the pack gets going. I should take a video and post it because it's an absolute hoot watching them play. Buddy is the only male dog, so he gets to be the Chick Magnet. He's also pretty much the leader of the pack, although he is the smallest. He loves to play chase with him in the lead and the Sheppards and Rottweiler trying to keep up with him! The only downside to these runs, is that with all the wrestling that goes on, my dog smells like spit. Ew.
It's been along time since I've participated in weekend cat blogging so here is a pic of The Dutchess with Buddy. His bed is not usually on the window bench, that's still the kitties domain.

Work is still going very well, and I'm still enjoying it. At the end of April, I am fortunate enough to be going on two business trips! I've never had this kind of an opportunity before, and am pretty excited! The first trip takes me to Hilton Head South Carolina for a 3 day conference, but we are staying an additional 2 days. I'm home for a day to host an Education day for the OR and Recovery Room nurses, and then the next day I leave for another 8 days to go to Grapevine, Texas. Not too shabby!
I'm stating to feel guilty now with my door closed. I should probably get back to work. We are supposed to be having some snow flurries this afternoon, but I don't think that this Robin knows! He thinks Spring is in the air. I wish!

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