Monday, May 02, 2005

Friday night. 8PM. Appt with real estate agent. She is going to check out the place right below us just prior to meeting us. In a very strange way, I am nervous. It's like a first date, or something! I want her to like my place. I want her to say it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than the place right below us (I know it is) Then I want her to say it is worth.....One. Million. Dollars!
LOL! There is another one bedroom place in my building that sold for $255,ooo. I would be ok with that, but would be even MORE ok with $265,ooo. And the place right below us, sucks with its mint green broadloom. God, I hope my place sells for what I think its worth.
On another note...I now KNOW that my mom is in love with Batcho. Not only does he have a rotten tooth that will cost $800 to remove with anesthetic and cleaning included...he somehow managed to head-butt his way through a screen door, and on to the roof. So...the cat has MAJOR vet bills...and my nearly 70 year old mother crawled up onto the roof to save the cat.
That cat has got it good.
Thank god my mom didn't fall off the roof. I don't know that I would have been able to forgive myself for getting her involved with THAT CAT!!!
Despite all the harsh words I might have written in my diaries.