Sunday, May 15, 2005

Today's Horoscope

I don't read my horoscope regularly, but today's reading made me feel much better about things:
"Unless you want to end up sucking on an exhaust pipe, you had better stop working yourself up over a matter that is beyond your control. Relax a little this weekend, will ya? Your astrological outlook is truly inspiring. It's all going to be just fine."~~~The Toronto Star, Phil Booth
Whew! Good thing I read that because I just can't bring myself to clean out and paint the laundry room this weekend.
I did manage another rummage sale yesterday and a variety of garage sales. No great deals found tho, just bought a couple of books, one of which I read yesterday. A highly intellectual book..."Wine for Dummies." Maybe you've heard of it?! was a quarter so I thought what the heck. I did actually read the whole thing yesterday, and learned quite a bit about wine. I am a creature of habit, and usu. only buy stuff I know (usu, Australian CabSav or Shiraz). Last night Gee'n Me watched Sideways, which also dealt with wine tastings in California, and covered a lot of the stuff I'd read. Today, we bought our first bottle of Ravenswood red Zinfandel. It is quite tasty, and I'd recommend.
World cup hockey on right now, Canada vs. Czech Rep. I really can't complain, it's the only hockey game I've had to endure this year. Last year...104 games.
Maybe the strike will last another year?!