Friday, April 23, 2010

An Update

I feel like blogging tonight, and gosh it's been a long time.  Life is pretty good and I can't complain...and no one wants to hear the complaints anyway, right?  Right.
Since the new year, I suppose that there are things that have changed, some for the good, some for the bad...but all in all, things are about a 7/10.
Greg is still not working which kind of sucks, but i some ways, (dare I say it) is kind of nice.  The dogs are taken care of, the house is tidy, the groceries are done, and usually, when I ask for things to be done, they are.  There really is a not a lot that I need to do when I get home, dinner is ready, there is a glass of wine poured and things are pretty peaceful.  I realize that this is not an ideal situation, and GOD I hope that he finds a job soon...but I have to find a silver lining somewhere, right?  Right?!  Someone please agree with me.
In February I went to Costa Rica with my mom and my friend Ali.  We actually had a really good time.  Not crazy wild, but fun nonetheless.  My mom and I got along very well except for  one night when she was being 'honest' and told me that she would never consider Greg a part of her family. Whatever.
Ali is probably the most confident woman I know and just struts her stuff.  She convinced all 190 lbs of me to wear a bikini!  Yikes!!!  But you know what?  I had a great time, and, although I spent a lot of the holiday with my shoulders under the water, I figured out that it really doesn't matter.  There are lots of people with different figures, people still talked to me, and I had a great time!
Saying that...I joined Weight Watchers again for the 18th time the week after I got back!  I've lost a bit of weight, and am moving a bit more, but I will allow myself to do this slowly on my own terms.
My little sister-in-law Adriana moved in with us about a month ago.Things have gone from bad to worse with 2-4 and a decision was made between Greg, older SIL, me, Adriana and her psychiatrist that it would be in her best interest to move in with us.  To be honest, she has been an absolute doll.  She finished school, and got herself a job a 5 minute walk away as a dental assistant.   Seriously, she is (so far) a really nice, 20 year old girl who appreciates the break she has been given.  2-4 is not speaking to any of us, I haven't spoken to her since boxing day (not because I'm mad or anything...I just don't want to listen to her shit on everyone.)  Anyway, I am really liking having my 20 year old SIL living here.  She is really quiet so I was able to watch 3 episodes of CSI tonight and...ummm...I kind of forgot that she was here!  She lets us know when she won't be home, and to be honest, the only thing I care about is that she is safe, and learning to be responsible for her actions.  
I know her mom is hurt that she is living here, but I can't help feeling she was holding Adriana back in order to keep her 'disabled'.  I know it sounds sick, but that's the way it is.  
Mr. Mao is still a darling and roams the neighbourhood, sucking up to all the students on their way to school, and to all the elderly folks keeping busy picking dandelions.  The Dutchess is also still prowling for food, sleeping, peeing, and prowling for more food.  a few months ago Greg and I talked about putting her to sleep but neither of us had the heart.  She's still OK, and since we've invested in pee-pads, she's happy, and so are we.
Buddy and Laila are the best of friends and I can't remember what it was like to be in this house without them.  They are such good natured dogs, and I can only imagine how much people love their kids, because my heart aches when I am with them.   They make me so happy!
I am a bit on the outs with my neighbour Audrey, but I admit, that is partly my doing.  It drives me crazy when people are always telling me over and over and over and over and over and over and over again what I should do.  And when I don't want to live by her schedule apparently that is looked down upon.  Oh.  Well.
Work is going well.  Work is actually about an 8.5/10.  I've been pushing it, and going to work at 9am.  I leave around 5:30/6.   But apparently coming in at 9 means that I don't take my job seriously.  Actually, it means that I am going to work well rested and capable of doing my work while I am there.  I have been asked by the Director of Nursing Practice to co-chair the monthly meeting of the educators at the hospital, which is kind of funny because I am fairly certain that I am the least educated of the bunch!  I do plan to take a masters level course in September. (not that I really want to)
OK, that's it for my update.
Ciao for now.