Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Once Monthly Post?

The Bright Side of the Sun
1. I've been getting along MUCH better with my mom these days. I can see that she is trying, which encourages me to try too.
2. Greg and I survived our 3rd squabble since we've met. All is Status Quo.
3. I joined WW again for the bajillionth time. Lost 2.4 pounds in my first week.
4. My neighbours, I'll call them The Howells (they have a dog named Maryann) joined us at the trailer a few weekends ago. Mr. Howell is very handy, and they used to have a trailer years ago. They really liked the park, and asked if they could join us for week-long vacation next month. In return, Mr. Howell will be the lead hand in the reconstruction of The Trailer. Secretly, I'm thrilled, but I am also going to plant the seed of next year, sharing the Joy (and Responsibility!) of The Trailer with them. They might just jump at the opportunity, as they also don't want to be full-time summer Trailer Park Trash.
5. Mr. Mao did very well with his dental surgery, and frequently joins Buddy and I for our morning walks. He's such a sweetheart.
6. I've got a new hairstyle. Picture Victoria Beckham with a big round face. Her hair is chocolate brown with platinum blonde peek-a-boo highlights.
7. My perennial garden is looking lovely in the back and front yards. I'm quite chuffed with myself!
8. There is talk of a new book club in my 'hood. Which is good as I've not been reading nearly as much as I would like.
9. I've had more than a few nice compliments about the good work that I am doing! (And, from the Higher-Ups, too!)
10. I helped an injured cyclist today. I was taking The Budster out for a walk down by the Lake this evening when a woman waved me down asking if I had a cell phone. I realized that there was a man lying on the driveway behind her as she yelled at me to call 911. I pushed a couple of buttons (and of course somehow got in to text messaging, which, for the life of me, can never figure out how to do at any other given time.) I ended up throwing my phone at her and told her to call, that I was a nurse and would be of better use dealing with the guy. He was unconscious with a big gash on his forehead and a pool of blood under his head. I did my Nursie-thing, and he gradually started obeying a few commands. I protected his neck, and thankfully the ambulance and firetruck showed up quickly. A bit of excitement, but it made me feel pretty good that I could help.

The Dark Side of the Moon
1. I still need my meds. I tried to wean down on them a week ago, and had terrible anxiety.
2. My BIL is driving me nuts. I appreciate that he takes Buds for a walk while we're at work, but he hangs around and eats/drinks us out of house and home. I don't figure him into the equation when I go grocery shopping. Nor, do I think I need to. Greg is planning on changing the locks as there I think there is a lack of trust going on. I'm almost embarrassed to say that he showed up here with a "Chick he's been dating." Turns out she was a hooker, and a skaggy one at that. Thankfully, I didn't see her, but Greg says that she weighted 80lbs soaking wet, had hideous tattoos all down her arms and legs, and had a foul, disgusting mouth on her.
3. BIL is living in the basement apartment of a friend of ours, and is 5 minutes away. The friend has had enough of him and is going to have him move out. I'm stressed thinking that BIL is going to assume he can move in with us. It's not going to happen. I'd sooner set my hair on fire, and put it out with a hammer.
4. It's now been 7 months since I've had a period. 5 more months to go before I can say that I am in Menopause. At 43. Nice.
5. I am a terrible housekeeper. I need a maid. It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me because I don't like cleaning. I will, but I don't like it. Some days, I'd rather stick slivers up my fingernails than clean a toilet. Is that wrong? It pisses me off when people brag about washing their refrigerator shelves every day, or ironing their t-shirts and underwear, or shining their mirrors until there is no smudge at all. What is WRONG with these people???
6. I am just waiting for the day when a hired student comes to my door demanding to see the licences for my pets. Apparently they are scouring the neighbourhoods looking for nose prints on the windows. Note: I have nose prints on the windows: Buddy's, Mao's, and probably mine. We're in trouble.
7. I have a laptop computer, but I don't have Internet connection at home because the Router that I got for free when I bargained with the nice Middle Eastern guy at Future Shop over a year ago, is not compatible with the shitty Internet provider we now have in order to save a few bucks. Likewise, there are times when our home phone line won't work because it is also with the same shitty provider.
8. I still don't really know how to use my Blackberry. My last bill was $289. Apparently, it is expensive to call long-distance from the US. I don't feel like paying it. And I doubt I'll remember how to Text Message, even though I did use the feature today.
9. I can't find the battery and charger for my digital camera so I haven't been able to take any pictures. I have the camera. And I did find the case. But, no battery. Therefore, useless camera.
10. I've been a Blogsloth. It should be a real word, but it's not.

OK, so I might have elaborated a little bit on this post. I would never set my hair on fire nor put it out with a hammer. Nor would I put slivers up my fingernails, unless it was an accident.
All in all, things are pretty good and I guess I just need some time to myself to actually sit down and blog.