Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Confession, of Sorts

I have a confession to make. I guiltily look to the left (no...make that to the right!) of my blog under the title of Reading. I have YET to finish one book on that list. (The first two, I have YET to crack the cover.) I used to be the biggest bookworm, and I don't know what has happened, I just don't seem to make the commitment to read a book! I have been carrying around 'Running with Scissors' since Las Vegas, when I bought it at the bookstore at the airport. Leah Ann and I got there early because she absolutely, positively did not want to miss the flight. Oh. I didn't tell you what happened on the way TO Vegas...
We almost missed our flight to Las Vegas from Pittsburg (of all places) as Leah Ann and I decided to go for a walk and stretch our legs. I spotted Victoria's Secret (which doesn't exist in Canada) and this very pushy saleswoman INSISTED on measuring our busts...FOR FREE!!! ok...I already know that I am a small cupped, broad.
Anyway, LA had it in her head that she really should get measured as her babysitter told her she needed a well fitting bra, that her boobs were sagging, or something like that. So...she got a bra. The pushy saleswoman wanted her to get a Victoria's Secret credit card, that it would "just take a few moments of her time.
It was then that we realized that we had 10 minutes before our flight pulled out! Actually, it was also then that we had the horrifying thought "IS THERE A TIME DIFFERENCE HERE????????" We raced for the gate, hearts pounding in our ears, and made it just in the nick of time, everyone was waiting for us and the ticket collectors yelled at us. Apparently they had been calling our names our for the past 15 minutes. (Obviously they had butchered the pronunciation of our names SO bad, that NO, we did NOT hear the announcements!!!) (WHO is Romano Burndadit?!)
To make a long story short, we made the flight to Vegas. Coming home, LA would have been happy if we could have spent the whole DAY sitting at the airport , so that we wouldn't miss the flight. She was fed up, missing her kids , on edge I guess, and absolutely, positively did not want to miss that flight home. So, I bought Running with Scissors, thinking I had a good solid two hours to read. Which I didn't, because LA chose that time to keep talking to me.
We made that flight, but were late arriving for our connecting flight in Philly! LA was white with anxiety and I tell you, we were running (With Scissors!) through that airport like we were on the Amazing Race! We arrived at the little prop plane "Romano Burnadadit?" (Huff and Puff )"Yes, that's me!", they slammed the door behind us and I knew our luggage didn't make it.
I could only hope that our Victoria's Secret Push-ups would somehow find their way home...

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