Sunday, May 29, 2005

Movers and Shakers and Way Too Many Boyfriends

What's up with the weather-bunnies? They had called for rain all weekend, cool temperatures and just plain ick. I had a bit of a cold and thought that I really didn't want to freeze in a cold, damp trailer all weekend. Well, it's been a lovely weekend, and the sun has been out, and its now noon on Sunday and we haven 't had a drop of rain. Oh well. Had a nice weekend anyway.
Went wedding shopping with C. It's only 6 weeks away, and she's still got a few things to do. Her Fiance thinks everything can be done the week before. Men! Talk about procrastinators.
Last night G and I went out for "date night" at my insistence. There are times when I am so tired of all my boyfriends. Because for a while now, I've felt like I was in a relationship with G and his buddies. Anyway, we went to this really cool restaurant that I had heard of. It is in an old Bank of Montreal building, and you really have to know where it is as there is no sign to say it is Gio's. Just a bright white, blank fluoresent light. From the outside it even looked abandoned, but from the inside, well, that is another story! Talk about movers and shakers, the hip and the hipsters! Very interesting people watching place. And the food was to-die-for delicious. Every forkful started a new party in my mouth! We had a really nice time, and I was able to talk to G and let him know how I felt about all the boyfriends. Really, it's not that I mind them so much, it's just that I'm tired of cleaning up after them all the time, feeding them, and spending every weekend with them! What I really want though, is more nights like last night, where I can get dressed up, feel like a lady, and have a bit of romance. Once a month. It's all I'm asking. Let's see how that'll work.

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