Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Procrastion... my middle name. (Actually, it's Manuela, my mom had a thing for Spanish names.)
I still have not started working on my resume, although I have paid to become a member of the Ontario Perianesthesia Nurses Association and the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses. I can add these memberships to plump up my resume. I've also decided to go to a Perianesthesia Conference in October which actually sounds quite interesting, and a Pain Seminar led by some Anesthetists with whom I work. This, is the most involved I've been with my career in years. Sad, but true. And, definitely time to change that.
But first...I must colour my hair.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching Up

So, it's been over a month since my last real post. I think about my blog every day, but I don't make time for it. I have a day to myself today and other than cleaning up my pigsty of a house, my projects include updating this blog, and working on my resume.
Let me think about what has gone on this past month. Work has been good. An unexpected situation has arisen which could be a very positive thing for me. There is an opportunity for a one year position as Clinical Educator within the Recovery Room, that also extends to the Pre-assessment Clinic, the Same Day Surgical Centre, the IV Team, the Phlebotomy Team, the Transfusion Centre, and the Autologous Blood Centre. My manager and present Clinical Educator have approached me to apply, and are willing to help me prepare for the interview, including updating my resume. The disaster interviews I've had in the last few years have made me realize that Interviews are much more in depth and designed in such a way that I need to really learn how to apply my answers in a specific way to sell myself in a positive manner. Gone are the days when as a nurse, they were just looking for a warm body who wasn't a complete idiot. In speaking with people, I can now see why I didn't get particular jobs that I applied for because I answered questions with a negative outcome. For example, in the last interview I went to the interviewers asked me about my Anthropology degree. I kind of flippantly answered that as a young adult I didn't know what I wanted to do so that's how I ended up with that degree. I went back to nursing school to get a real job. Which, is always how I had thought about it, but it does sound negative, doesn't it?
In speaking with the Clinical Educator last week, the light bulb suddenly went on to the point where I CAN make that degree count for something! In fact, I am inspired to try to get into an on-line Masters Programme. That will be an autumn project. I am also inspired to start getting more involved at work in committees to start networking. In muddling through my personal issues this summer, I've realized that all of these 'problems' have been building for the past few years. I've chosen to just show up for work without being truly involved. Working in the Recovery Room has made that very easy because honestly, I don't find it very challenging. And, if I am truly honest, it has also allowed me to increase my wine consumption to the point where I admit it's become problematic. I'm not proud of that, but there it is, out in the open. I did talk to my doctor about it and realize that it has been a way of self-medicating to cope. I'm going to work on changing this, which will be a challenge of it's own.

I really want this job, so I am trying to stay focused, think positive, and be prepared for the interview. I will gladly take any advice for successful interviewing tips.
Things with my mom and I are okay lately. We have both been behaving ourselves.
I have had some really nice visit with out of town friends this past month. Pez was in Toronto visiting with her family, and we were able to see each other a few times which was great.This past weekend, my friend KD who lives in Ottawa, came for an impromptu visit which was also wonderful. She brought her cute little poodle Roxie, who is Buddy's new girlfriend. The dogs got along really well.
Speaking of Buddy, he is pure joy. He is smart and knows quite a few commands. He is terrible on the leash and is afraid of the lake but he is great with other dogs and children. I think he has a great disposition and he fits in well with our little family. Well, the cats would prefer if he wasn't around, but I'm hoping that as time goes on, they will resent him less.
We have had a few surprise birthday parties this past month. Two-Four turned 60, and had the time of her life at her party. Louise turned 40, and was very surprised at the party we had for her yesterday (especially since her birthday was 2 weeks ago!) My brother, who has been sober since last November, is turning 39 in a few weeks, and Greg and I thought we would throw a little party for him at the trailer. He has impressed a lot of people this year with his kindness and consideration and I think he'd be quite pleased if friends and family celebrated with a nice dinner in his honour. I might even invite my mom up.
Let's see...what else have I been up to? Greg's vegetable garden is growing like crazy. We have loads of vine-ripe tomatoes, hot peppers, and onions. This year was experimental, and we have a few different ideas for next year. I've been working on a perennial garden, which I'm hoping will fill in nicely next year. We have had a really hot, dry summer here so watering has been quite a chore, but all-in-all we are happy with the results. I have not done much with the trailer this summer, I still have dreams of getting it repaired this year and there are a few men who have volunteered to do the job. No plans to get rid of it any time soon. We have not spent as much time up there this summer, but when we do go, it is still very enjoyable. Mao loves it, and he has made numerous friends throughout the park.

I spent 10 days at the trailer earlier this month and had a very nice, relaxing time. I read the first three Harry Potter books, and I have to say that I am hooked! Always late to get on the band wagon, but better late, than never. They are truly creative, engaging books and I'm even glad that I haven't had to wait years in between to read the on-going adventures.

I'm sure that there are many other things that have happend this past month, but these are the highlights. Captivating, huh?!

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's been a while...I promise I'll make time to catch up later this weekend.