Friday, March 31, 2006

All in a Day's Work

I've been an RN for over 15 years now, and today, for the first time, someone who I know, was a patient in the Recovery Room. Now, let me be clear: this is not a friend of mine, but someone who Greg works with. We really do not socialize with this guy.
I had to start that way, because honestly, I WAS MORTIFIED that I claimed to know such a jackass!
Very innocently, I had told the anaethetist that his next patient was a friend of mine. He looked at me, a little surprised and said "Really? He's causing quite a scene in the Pre-op area insisting on a General Anaesthetic. He really just needs a local block. He's having finger surgery!" I quickly recanted and said "Uh...well...uh...he's not really a friend. He works with my husband."
Turns out that Fern was quite anxious so they gave him antianxiety drugs. Quite a bit. QUITE a bit. Enough to knock-over-a-horse, quite a bit. And that just loosened him up all right. He started telling sexist and racist jokes to the doctors and nurses and was just an all around pain in the ass. His surgeon's name was B**hammer: Fern asks him "Yo B**hammer! Are ya hammered?!" Very original. And this, right before he's going to be operated on! They ended up basically giving him enough drugs to shut him up.
So...when he woke up in the Recovery can only imagine.
He was sitting up, falling over the siderail, calling out my name, then calling out "Stelllllllllllllllllllllahhhhhhhhh!" just because he thought it was funny. Or, because he wanted attention. Whatever the nurses asked him to do, he would do the complete opposite. He was sexually inappropriate and kept asking where the 'Drug Lord' doctor was.
I tried to be polite, but I was pissed off too. And so embarrassed. (And mad at myself that I had admitted to knowing him!) There was a lot of eye rolling going on in that unit this afternoon, and the nurses were asking me, all puzzled, "he's your friend????" The nurse who had him finally just closed the curtains around him hoping that he would settle down. One of the other nurses said quite loudly (and, quite inappropriately,) that he was probably just making up for his small penis size, the guy was such an a$$hole. Unfortunately, we all heard the comment, and so did Fern.
Man, was he pissed! And then he got all high and mighty with his macho Yo-yo attitude. (GAG!)
Sigh. No doubt I'm going to hear all about it and the bitches I work with.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Maple Sugaring Season

Yesterday, we took a drive up North to make sure that the roof of the trailer hadn't caved in. We took the back roads and came across a row of trees that were being tapped for sap...because it 'tis the season! So, a little bit of UBI:
1) Canada produces about 85% of the World's maple syrup.
2) The native people taught the settlers how to tap the trees and then boil down the sap
3) According to historians, the maple tree and the maple leaf came to symbolize Canada as early as the 1700's

4) Each Spring, an average tree produces between 35 to 50 litres of sap, which then gets boiled down to about 1.5 litres of maple syrup.
That's it for today's history lesson!

Oh...and the trailer roof...has a big ole leak in it, and so we will be starting all over again with the repairs. Sigh.
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Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm Doomed to be Demented!

The other night I was watching the health segment on the news and they talked about this new finding:
Done by researchers at New York's Brooklyn College, a study found that elderly women who watch daytime soap operas and talk shows are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment than women who don't watch them.
However, the investigators say it's not clear if watching these TV shows leads to weaker brainpower, or vice-versa.
The researchers asked the women about their favorite types of TV shows, offering a list of 14 options including news, soap operas, comedies and game shows, among others.
The women also took tests for memory, decision-making abilities and other cognitive skills.

Of the 289 older women without dementia who were studied, those who rated talk shows and soaps as their favorite programs performed more poorly on tests of memory, attention and mental quickness than their peers who cited other types of shows.
They were also at greater risk of showing signs of clinical impairment. Those who favored soaps were more than seven times more likely to show signs of impairment on one of the tests, while talk show fans were more than 13 times more likely to show impairment.
Fogel said he doesn't know whether the programs somehow contribute to cognitive decline or whether women in the early stages of decline gravitate toward those shows.

I have been watching The Young and the Restless for the better part of 25 years.
At work, our break-times revolve around The Y&R. It is a welcomed distraction from the stress of the job, and there are tons of nurses who watch this show. I can tell you every story line that has happened in Genoa City. The number of times Nicky and Victor have been married. The first time, he saved her from a life of pole-dancing. When Katherine Chancellor had her first face-lift LIVE on TV. Who's banged who, and why they had an affair. Who all the secret love-children are. Who has 'died' but is really not 'dead' so they can be written back into a new story. Who is in 'jail' or 'The Witness Protection Programme' so they can also come back on the show. I watched the show when Brad was just the Pool Boy...and now he is one of the Head Honchos at Jabot Cosmetics, who has been married to both Abbott sisters. And Ashley, who stole Victor's sperm and turkey-basted it into herself and then passed Abby off as Brad's child, but then Ashley was dying from cancer and left a video telling her who her 'real' daddy was, and it fell into the wrong hands, and then Ashley miraculously survived the cancer, and now Brad and Ashley are getting divorced. But then Brad got engaged to Victor's daughter, Victoria. And Olivia, the blabbermouth physician who told Ashley's big secret...well, she is just the Jack-of-all-trades physican, neurosurgeon, cancer specialist, trauma surgeon, fertility specialist. I wonder where she got her training? Apparently, she doesn't know CPR because she let a 14 yr old die last summer: bleep, bleep, bleep, bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
Oh, I could go on and on. But I better not...because then you might start to believe that the study is actually TRUE and that I am well on my way to being diagnosed with Soap Opera Dementia (SOD!)
I have to say that I was a bit offended when I heard this report.
I'm not going to watch the Health Report on the news. Anymore.
So there! ;)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #42

Mao's Secret Recipe for a Siamese-knot:
1. Take one long-legged Siamese cat.
2. Shake 4 legs all around.
3. Take hind legs and bring them to the front.
4. Invite tail to the front and plunk head down over the whole mess!

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Designed to Sell

The laundry room has been the bane of this condo.
I've been complaining about it forever, and for sure as long as I've had this blog! Yesterday, Greg and I worked our asses off cleaning up this room, and redecorating. I've become addicted to the decorating shows that deal with moving and particularly like Designed to Sell.
So, with the condo going on the market in just 10 days time, we transformed the Pick-up Truck Blue junk room with the stained and yellowed floors into a lovely, functional, spacious, laundry room! I wish that I had taken a "Before" photo, but I thought about it too late. The room was the colour of blue around the light switch, and suffice to say, there was so much crap in the room, it filled about 25 boxes.

I know it doesn't look that big, but when you have shelving hanging off every possible space on the wall, it's amazing how you can find a place for everything. Total time for the Reno: 8 hours. Cost: Stick and Peel Tiles $55, Paint $20.

I sure do wish I had done this 3 years ago, when I moved in!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I was sitting at a local outdoor cafe having lunch by myself and two men came and sat down at my table..... I gave them the death look, but they just casually stayed at my table and wouldn't leave me alone. I shined up my ring on my married finger (the one I got in Las Vegas!) then placed my hand on the table and I hinted to them that I was married and that I was not interested in them. Luckily for me they got the hint and left, but thankfully the whole thing was captured on the Cafe's camera. I'm sending you this picture as a warning.............. just in case they try and pick you up too.
Honestly, some men think they are God's gift!!!

Then I fell out of bed and woke up! (Reminder to self: Must work more nightshifts!)


Back on nights this week, and so far, so good. It's giving me some time during the day to get stuff done, like pack, and clean, and blog, and talk on the phone.

Tomorrow night is Book Club and the Pick of the Month is Their Eyes Were Watching God. Initially, I was put off by the book, thinking that it would never be something I would willingly pick up and read, but I'm SO glad that I did! It was a little difficult to get used to the African-American dialect widely used throughout this book, but when I got into the swing of it, I couldn't put it down. The author, Zora Neale Hurston, was a novelist, folklorist, and anthropologist and wrote this novel over a 7 week period while doing anthropological research on Voodoo in Haiti.

From the depths of my memory, I remember taking a course called People and Cultures of the Caribbean over 20 years ago when I majored in Anthropology at University. The primary text was a compilation of articles written by various anthropologists, and funny enough, when I was reading the Foreward and Afterward of Their Eyes Were Watching God, I swear that I remember an article she wrote about Voodoo in Haiti! Perhaps it was because I knew nothing about Voodoo, except that they stuck pins in dolls, but I remember being fascinated about this culture: their music, their dance, their rituals.

I have to admit, this book has stirred up a long-forgotten interest of mine, and that is the writings of anthropologists, and their experiences within different cultures. I never pursued any of this beyond my three years at University, and opted instead to become a nurse. In my mind, I know that I chose the right profession for myself, and I could probably even say that because of my interest in other cultures, it lead me to Saudi Arabia.

So, thanks to the Book Club, I've found Zora Neale Hurston, and I'm going to start rekindling my relationship with Anthropology. I found this today, that I'd like to share with anyone else who might share this interest : Women of Discovery: Zora Neale Hurston


Is it not crazy, how sometimes these blog entries take on a life of their own?

Brad Pitt---Nightshift---Eyes Watching God---Voodoo...

Is there a connection?!

Monday, March 20, 2006

With all the new technology regarding fertility recently, a 65-year-old woman was able to give birth to a baby .When she was discharged from the hospital and went home, her relatives came to visit.
''May we see the new baby?" one asked."Not yet," said the mother. "I'll make coffee and we can visit for awhile first."
Thirty minutes had passed, and another relative asked, "May we see the new baby now?""No, not yet," said the mother.
After another few minutes had elapsed, they asked again, "May we see the baby now?""No, not yet," replied the mother.
Growing very impatient, they asked, "Well, when can we see the baby?"

"WHEN HE CRIES!" she told them.
"WHEN HE CRIES??" they demanded. "Why do we have to wait until he CRIES??
"BECAUSE I forgot where I put him!"

Bah-dum Dum!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A little ole pity party, for little ole me

I've been ingoring my blog lately. Not entirely on purpose, but I've just not been feeling myself lately and have struggled a bit with feeling 'up' enough to even comment adequately on other friends' blogs.
I have a doctor's appt next week for a physical, and I've promised myself that I will not cancel this one. I've cancelled the last two because I'm too embarrassed to go.
If you've read my blog long enough, you know that I've been a yo-yo dieter for pretty much most of my life. In the last few years I've steadily just put on more and more weight. I have no one to blame but myself. I live in scrubs and track suits, I don't exercise, I eat and drink too much. I'm embarrassed to go to the doctor, because I know she's going to say something about my weight and my unhealthy habits, and I'm going to feel like shit, and because of the crappy mood I've been in for a the last few months, I'll probably cry. And, the last time this doctor saw me, I was crying.
To be honest, I'm actually starting to think that maybe there is something wrong with me! I feel pre-mentrual ALL the time. Not just the emotional crap, but the physical, too. Everything is sore, and achy and bloated. Is this what peri-menopause is all about? If it is, shoot me now!
Buffalo was a good distraction yesterday. We spent a lot of time at Tar-jay and I bought a new tracksuit. And I bought Greg a Kitchen Aid Santoku Knife. He's not exactly a sushi-lover, but it's pretty sharp and, well, it's a good-looking knife (if there is such a thing as a good-looking knife?!) Anyway, he actually was pretty pleased with it. I've discovered that he is a man who loves kitchen gadgety things.
This morning we jammed 30 boxes of junk into a van and hauled the load up to his Dad's place to store in his garage. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of sitting through Pope Benedict XVI's mass while Greg's 80 yr old grandmother translated. Nothing against the Pope, but I was thinking about the Santoku Knife, and how sharp it was.
The condo is going on the market on April 3rd. I'm nervous, and sad, stressed, and a little bit excited at the prospect of a house. There is a lot to do in the next couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure it'll all get done.
Now...if the perma-PMS would go away, I'm sure everything would be just fine.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

WCB #41

I hope that you all had a Happy St. Paddy's Day and drank plenty of green beer yesterday!
I am shuffling off to Buffalo in a few minutes to do some cross-border shopping today. I can't wait to hit Tar-jay! (that's about all my budget will allow!)
I will do some serious Blog catching up later this weekend...
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a pic of the kitties with their typical "Feeeeed Meeeeee!" googlie-eyes.
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Winter Blahs Interrupted, Cont...

18 Aug '99
I spent the whole at the windy beach under an umbrella reading. I've found a second hand book store, which is lucky for me, as I seem to be going through a book a day.
At night I went to the Old Town & had a wonderful dinner of stuffed tomatoes & peppers, and wine, which I quite enjoyed! On my way home I bought another bottle of wine, as I thought it
d be nice to sit out on my balcony and have a glass. As I was walking out the store, this guy comes running across the road & invites me toa Norweigan bar for a drink! I guess because I'd already had a bit to drink , I thought "oh, what the drink!" One drink turned into two, and the guy ends up being named Thor and croshes tin cans on his forehead! It truly made me laugh, and we ended up dancing in the street to Cher's 'Believe.' Perfect song for my mood!

19 Aug '99
Today marks 8 years that H and I have been together. In my heart, I know it will be our last. I have got to move on with my life, and without him.
I took the ferry over to Symi for the day! Was it EVER hot! There were dolphins following the boat, playing in the waves, it was SO cool to see!

20Aug 99

The flight to Santorini was rather frightening, as it left in the middle of the night, and was a propeller plane. We vibrated like crazy the whole way! Made it to Santorini though, and after an equally frightening taxi ride, made it to Oia. It was just after 1 am when I got there.

Then the craziest thing happened. My room wasn't ready! I was met by an elderly Greek woman who thought nothing of laughing & talking away to me in Greek. I followed her, and ended up sleeping in her living room, with her nephew and his girlfriend in the next room! Talk about feeling odd, but what else was I to do?! The good thing was that the nephew (Panos) and his Italian girlfriend (Monika) spoke english & they were very, very nice, and explained that I shouldn't worry, that everything will work out in the morning. Everyone so was friendly, it almost felt like I was visiting family!

And her home was so quaint! The back part of the house was actually built in to the cliff, and all the ceilings were rounded. It was so nice and cool, it's been the best night sleep so far!

21 Aug '99

This morning, I was the first one up, I couldn't wait to see the view! I could not believe my eyes! I honestly think I have found Heaven on Earth.

Miss Maria was up shortly after me, and brought out a Greek coffee. Yumm! Then she showed me were my room would be...a gorgeous canopy bed with a view overlooking the Caldera! I feel like a Princess!

Tonight I went to see the famous Oia sunset. I managed to find a nice quite spot in front of a Church. I have to say, that the sun glowing upon the cross was somewhat of a religious experience!

22 Aug '99

Took the bus to Perrissa, and spent time at the black sand beach. It was a gorgeous day, but the best part was the hour long bus ride! The scenery was beautiful, and there was one vineyard after another, with people hadn-picking the grapes, and the donkeys waiting nearby to carry the baskets. And the cliffs! Just stunning. SAntorini truly is beautiful, I think it rates up there with the top 3 places I have been.

23 Aug '99

I spent the day in Thira, it was also very pretty, but I've been spoiled by the beauty of Oia.

When I got home tonight, I sat on the terrace for a while and had a sip of Metaxa*****. One of the thousands of cats that roam around Greece, decided that I looked like I had a comfortable lap. So, there I was in Santorini, sitting on a terrace overlooking the Caldera, listening to Ella Fitz and stroking a purring cat. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to spend the evening!

23 Aug '99

I had hoped to go to Mykonnos, but the fast boat I had booked was cancelled due to the windy conditions. I decided to go to Paros instead as it was the next ferry out of Santorini. I met a woman named Sandi while waiting to board the ferry. She had also changed her plans. We got to talking, and decided that we would room together for the next few days. She has travelled a lot, all of it on her own!

Paros is very quaint, and not as touristy as Rhodes, or Santorini. I'm kind of glad I ended up here. Sandi is a real character, too! I don't know what it is, but people always tell me stuff, and I kind of wonder why? Her brother just completed a sex change operation, and is in the middle of a divorce, and his kids won't speak to him/her, and she's getting used to the idea of having a sister!

24 Aug '99

We went to explore a little place called Naoussa today and went rock collecting, and took a bunch of pictures. It is a fishing village, and a really, nice, nice place to visit.

25 Aug '99

Athens. I only have one day here, so I walked and walked and walked and tried to see as much as I could. The Plaka is fabulous, although I did manage to get lost. What's new? The Parthenon is incredible and I'm so amazed that all of these structures are still standing. The city is getting ready for the Olympics in 2004, that should be amazing!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the Winter Blahs Interrupted story. It brought back good memories for me. I learned a lot about self-reliance, and liking my own company. I never saw H again before I left Saudi, although we didn't officially break up until 3 months later.

It was the best thing that ever happened.

Now...time to get out into the sunshine! As I've reminisced, Spring has Sprung!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Winter Blahs Interrupted...Circa 1999

This past week has been blah.
And, a bit stressful as I have absolutely decided to sell the condo, and it will be up on MLS April 3rd. So, I've spent the week packing everything all up again, or at least getting a good start. As I was packing up all my photo albums, I came across the pictures of the year I went to Greece.
I have very fond memories of Greece.
What you should know about this trip, was that I had just had the fight to end all relationship fights and marched off to Greece, backpacking, by myself. I was used to 5 Star travel, and had NO CLUE as to what I was doing, just that I was going to do it. I had never backpacked before, and had never traveled alone before.
But I was pissed, and nothing can stop me when I spitting mad!!!
What I learned, was that I was ok on my own. In fact, I was MORE than OK.

This trip, changed my life!!!
This weekend, I invite you to a Weekend Getaway in Greece...courtesy of a journal I found while cleaning out my desk. (Amazing what you find when you are moving!)

(The photos you see here are pics of pics so they are really bad quality...I haven't managed to get my scanner working in a while...but I think you'll get the gist of it)

14 Aug '99 Posted by Picasa

Well, so here I am in Rhodes!

Yesterday was a very long day--I thought it would be a good idea to really "rough it" and take the bus from the airport in to town. MISTAKE! I walked and walked & couldn't find the bus station--I guess because there wasn't a bus station--merely just a bus shelter, with no sign or anything. I probably should have realized that this would not be easy, or fun just by people's reaction to my question "Where is the bus station?" Raised eyebrows, then a point in the direction of a church. Well, I made it to the church--at least 1/2 mile walk, was of course, looking for a "bus station." Trudged all the way back to the airport with the stupid backpack on (an my gold platform shoes!) and ended up taking a taxi. Could have saved myself an hour, but then again, what else did I really have to do? Anyway, so I got a taxi and what does he do? Picks up people along the way, and charges everybody full price! I really hadn't minded that he was picking people up because I had figured that my fare would be less. No such thing! Charged me full fare!

But I did get dropped off at the tourist centre & I apparently got the last room in the city...and then only for 2 nights. The owner of the pension is a nice old guy named George. George gave me a little walk around the area so I wouldn't get lost, and told me how to phone home. I spent a few hours at the beach-talk about crowded! The beach itself was not that great, but the Mediterranean is beautifully clear & refreshing.

I'm not lonely yet. But I suppose I might go a little stir crazy.

15 Aug '99

Last night, I walked to the Old Town & couldn't believe my eyes! I'm sure that I picked the best place in the world to start my holiday! The Old Town is the largest Medieval city in Europe and it is just amazing to walk along the old cobblestones, beside the ancient walls and try to imagine what it was like living back then. I am a pretty happy girl right now. Had dinner alone last night-guess what I had? Greek Salad and Chick Souvlaki! Pretty tasty, although I think The Village Salad on the Danforth is better. After dinner I walked around for a while, looking in the shops-and of course, I ended up getting lost! Walked around for ages before I figured out how to get back to Pension Foula. I bought a bottle of wine on my way home, but was way too tired to drink any of it (never mind that I didn't have a corkscrew!) It ended up being a very early night.

Woke up pretty early this morning & decided not to go to the beach. Opted instead to head back to the Old town & look around there. Ended up lost again, but did find the Turkish Quarters & walked along ancient streets where sometimes I was the only person there.

I've spent a few hours today in various cafe's having lunch, or just stopping for a beer. I was feeling all right, being on my own & all. The, I decided I needed another beer, and saw this nice cafe where all the seats faced out. I, or course, wanted to sit in the front so I could people-watch. The waiter, for whatever reason, didn't me to sit there-so I put up a stink! I ended up sitting where I wanted in the end. The waiter then decides he's going to chat to me. When he finds out I'm alone, he says "That's so strange!" Gee. Thanks. There was another tourist traveling alone, so I asked him to take a picture of me. Felt very strange! Oh well.

To tell you the truth, I am having a rather nice holiday. Last night I went to the Light & Sound show at the Grand Palace. It was good. In the afternoon I had gone inside the Palace where they had an exhibition on "Alexander the Great." All the artwork was of him-different heads-actually, same heads, different colours! Over 100 of them. Now, I'm not an art connoisseur, but is this not redundant?!

I did read something about him that I thought was interesting-what made Alex so Great: During a very long battle, the knights were starving, thirsty and tired. They, however, kept obeying their leader Alexander. The knights found a little trickle of water one day which they collected in a helmet & presented to Alexander, although each and every one of them were dying of thirst. Alexander, realizing how thirsty, hungry & tired his troops were, emptied the water on to the ground, to prove he deserved no better than his men.

That is how he became Alexander the Great.

16 Aug '99

Today I had to leave Pension Foula & find another room. Which I did, nearby. It's clean enough I suppose but I don't like it as much. The bathroom & shower is down the hall & there are no towels. I just had a shower & thank god for sarongs and abayas! I dried off with a sarong I've been wearing the last two days, and my abaya doubled as a robe! H would absolutely hate this! I can't say I love it, but I have to believe that somehow it is character-building. I still have 1/2 a bottle of wine left, but no glass. As I'm writing this, I'm swigging it out of the bottle! Hey! Whatever works!

I decided today that I liked Rhodes enough, that I am going to stay until next Saturday. That actually gives me a week in Rhodes. On the 17th I go back to Foula's, George has been very nice to me. And his place is a little cheaper. He's about 70 years old, but believe me! He's got no problem giving me ahug and a pat on my botttom!

So, it's 6:30pm now. I think I am going to go & watch the sun st over the sea, and then head off to get something to eat. I am so proud of myself being on this holiday alone. It's good to know I can rely on myself.


so I went and watche the sunset, which was lovely. And had mousakka for dinner (and 1/2 a bottle of red wine.) I was invited out by Nico (the restaurant owner) to show me around. He thought it was "interesting" that I was alone, wondered where my parent's were!!! I declined Nico's invitation (never mind that he was fattish & had scabby hands)

And called H. Asshole is going to Beirut. What a slap in the face. Fu**ker! He really has made me think that I will leave Saudi inDecember. I am getting to a point where I am starting to hate him. The good thing is, is that I am in Greece, and loving it. I go to bed when I want & get going pretty early every day. No more waiting around for H to have his morning dump and then half of the day is gone already!

I am tired of H only thinking of himself. He sucks.

OK>>>More tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I haven't felt much inspired lately.
I'm not sure really what the problem is.
I have had some trouble getting off of night-mode and I think it's gotten me a bit down in the dumps.
I will pick up my socks, and be more chipper later this week.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

All in a Night's Work...

Ugh. I've been working nightshift all week, and am SO out of sorts.
Thursday night, at about 2am, the other nurse and I were chit-chatting, when on the hospital overhead speaker a 'Code Brown' was announced. Now, any nurse will tell you what they know is a 'Code Brown' usually means an extra large poop that requires at least 3 nurses to clean up! So, we had our little giggle, but then realized that a 'Code Brown' (as we know it) is really not something that gets called out on the hospital overhead in the middle of the night, therefore it must be something more serious. We searched the Emergency board and realized that it was an Internal Disaster ...not of the poopie kind.
It turns out that there was a massive flood causes by a burst pipe, directly over one of the ICU's, and they needed to evacuate patients. We ran up to help, and found ourselves standing in about 3 inches of water, water seeping through the ceiling, and water gushing down the stairwell like a waterfall!
This is how the flood was discovered, as told to me by the nurse:
Patient: Nurse! I need some help here...
Nurse: Ok, Sweetie, I'll be right there...
Patient: (a little louder) Nurse!!! I need help right now!
Nurse: Ok, Honey, just a sec...
The nurse ran to the room, and the patient was soaking wet, with the ceiling raining down on her like a shower! (How's that for a sponge bath?!")
As the nurse got to this paitent, all she culd hear from the next bed was "OHHH NOOO!!! IT'S HAPPENING TO ME TOO!!!!"
Everyone was a bit wet, but luckily, no one was hurt, (nor electrocuted.)
It took us hours, but we finally evacuated the unit.
From the CEO of the Hospital in an email to staff:
Remediation teams are on-site and the clean-up and assessment processes are moving ahead as planned. As well as our own staff, who have done an incredible job in re-locating patients and ensuring the environment remains safe and as functional as possible, we have contracted with a company that specializes in these types of situations. They recently worked with Women's College on their flood abatement and the City of New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, so we are in good hands
Hardly on par with anything even remotely close to what happened in New Orleans, but nonetheless, not a good situation to be happening at the Regional Trauma Centre.

That's my excitement for the week.

WCB #39

We could have used Mao's (rhymes with WOW!) help during the flood the other night...
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