Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Really Real Real Estate Agent

Well, all my hard kitchen cleaning work paid off! The real estate agent (Pat) came over and LOVED the place! There are two other units for sale in the building, the one below with the mint green broadloom, and then there is one directly above which has a brand new granite bathroom and kitchen. She said that she liked my floors better, and that it is much brighter because of the pot lights. She thought the red kitchen was great, no need to paint it, she said! I'm so glad, because it really does look nice. Anyway, I liked her style, knowledgeable, but not pushy. She has 18 yrs experience, says she prides herself on her 'show' photos. She has a "Fluffer" but she said that we won't be needing that service (my place is already fluffed well!)
I was feeling a little guilty about not hiring Greg's best buddy who has his real estate licence, but he hasn't sold anything yet and I really don't want my home to be his first experience. I don't need to feel bad about this though, do I? Nah...

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