Sunday, May 04, 2008

All My Exes are From Texas...

...well not really, but the last time I was in Texas was with the Leba-loser Ex. We spent time with his cousin and wife, and they had a 6 yr old daughter named Bijan. At that time, Leba-loser and I had already been together 6 yrs, but Bijan asked where Sheri was, and why hadn't she come? Hmmm...Sherri was his Ex-gf, or so I thought. While Bijan asked this innocent question, her mother jumped in to HUSH her! Frickin Leba-loser had been to Texas the year before, and surely Bijan had met Sheri then. I call him the Leba-loser, but clearly, it was I who was the loser and chose to continue the relationship with him. Which makes me the bigger loser. Anyway, it's water under the bridge now, but a time in my life that I'm not really proud of myself for the shit I put up with. I have had a hard time forgiving myself for the way I was, but I think I am over that now.
Last Thursday we flew home from Hilton Head and arrived home at 8:30 pm. At the hospital the next morning for the education day I helped to set up. It was an AMAZING day, if I do say so myself. It was not like the regular education days that we have, but rather a positive, motivational kind of day. It started off with a Clip from the CBC about A Complaint Free World which everyone seemed to really like. We had seminars from one of the General Surgeons who has done volunteer work for the last ten years in Niger. He was truly inspirational, and always a good reminder of how good we really have it here in the Developed World. We also had hired a motivational speaker who was hilarious and talked about dealing with change. The area that I am currently educator for has become extremely negative, mostly because there is one person who is the bad apple and her rotten personality has bruised everybody else's. Anyway, this is not unusual in nursing, there are strong personalities in every group, but I'd really like to see the positive personalities carry the strength of the group. The feedback that we got from the education day was overall very positive, and I think it gave the staff another focus. We'll see how it works out.
Saturday morning, C and I were at the airport again at 5:30 am en route to Dallas, Texas! It's been a whirlwind of travel lately. We are staying in Grapevine, and we ended up at the 1.5 million square foot mall yesterday. Well, with the crazy travel and early mornings, we traipsed around the mall, with little interest in shopping. We took the trolley back to the hotel, and were in bed, asleep by 7pm. And woke up this morning at 7:30!
It's now almost noon, but it's been nice to just have an easy morning, watch the food channel, and blog.
We are heading to Historic Grapevine today, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to find some of the Vineyards out this way. C doesn't drink red wine so my job is to try to convert her. (Her request!) I told her she would be perfect if she drank red wine!)
The ASPAN (American Society for PeriAnesthesia Nurses) conference starts tomorrow, I think it is going to be an amazing few days.