Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pretty Kitties

Just wanted to share a pic of the Kitties I took this summer. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

The last 30.

I've got other things I want to post about, and these top 10 lists are taking longer to think about than I thought possible. I am going to do my utmost at finishing this list off tonight. So...30 more things about me.

3 Bits of Advice given to me over the years that for some reason, I remember:
30) It's not as important to be 'in' style as it is to have your 'own' style (thanks Pez for giving me this post idea!) Advice given to me by a room mate I have lost contact with
29) As long as people are talking about you, you know you are still 'in.' Advice given to me by my mother (It apparently doesn't matter if they are talking shit about you...Although it's a helluva lot better if they are talking good stuff!)
28) Men are Casanovas, Women are Easy. The sex-talk given to me by my father. (Years later, when I still didn't have a boyfriend, he was worried I was gay.)

3 Places in the world I want to visit:
27) Russia. In particular, Moscow's subway system. It deserves a bigger picture so you don't all think I'm mental! I think I was Russian in a past life. Can you believe that this is a subway station, and not a museum? How beautiful is this? Could you start your day looking at something this stunning?
26) The Great Wall of China

25) The Grand Canyon. (Nuff said!)

General stuff:
24) I love bright colours. Especially the colour red. I have a red wall in the bedroom, and my kitchen is red. Including the ceiling.
23) I love watching figure skating on tv. I love the music, I love the movement. My heart drops every time a skater does. This winter, I am going to go skating. (I've been saying this for 5 years, but this year I mean it!)
22) I hate when people talk so much, that they don't allow you the opportunity to say anything. I'm a listener by nature, but that doesn't mean I don't ever have anything to say.
22) I respect religion as a means of bringing people with similar thoughts together. I believe that not being religious is perfectly ok. I'm not religious. I'm not sure what god is, but I believe it exists. The most primitive people believe in a god, and it holds a society together. I also believe that religion causes the most heartache in the world. Which is why I'm not religious.
21) I believe in the supernatural. And psychics.
20) I hate horror movies...but I love vampire movies! I'd love to go to Transylvania!
19) I was born in Berlin, and got my Canadian citizenship when I was 26. I failed my first citizenship test. I know nothing about politics. Well, I know nothing about Canadian politics, because I don't find it interesting. American politics, Middle-Eastern I can tell you stuff about what I think. Canadian politics...sorry...but I think it's insipid. But I truly love living in Canada, and, in particular, living in Toronto. And I can tell you all about the geography, the cities, the things to see...

3 Things I've done in the past 3 days that I never thought I would do:
18) I went to the Hooker Cooker to get myself a fake'n'bake. And liked it. I'm on my way to get a tan. I'll feel thinner, even if I'm not!
17) I bought a girdle so my dress will fit. And I won't have to diet. Who cares if I can't breathe!
16) I bought clip-in hair extensions. So I can have an updo on my wedding day.

3 Things I regret:
15) I was in scholarship French in highschool, and don't really speak it. I think I have a knack for languages, and I think I should work on this.
14) I'll add German to this. It was my mother tongue. I understand it quite well, but am embarassed to speak it, because I hear my errors. Surprisingly, I am proud of being able to speak my miniscule amount of Arabic. Maybe because I took initiative to learn it on my own, and no one expects me to speak it perfectly.
13) I was pissed off and angry at my Dad when he was dying. Although he was an alcoholic and caused a lot of grief for my mother, I was close to him. I confided in him, and he knew me a lot better than anyone else in my family. I think I could have done a better job at making his death easier for him. I had a hard time seperating myself between daughter and nurse. I think I made some bad medical decisions at the time, and wish I had the opportunity to make them right. I really, really, miss my dad. I always felt like my dad respected me, even when I made bad life decisions. He let me learn from my mistakes, and never made me feel stupid about it.

3 Trivial things:
12) People compliment me on my eyes all the time.
11) I used to be very self-conscious about the size of my i think my thighs have taken over. In 10 years, am I going to be self conscious about my ankles?
10) I wish I had thick, glossy hair. On my head.

4 Things I am most proud of:
9) Being a nurse. And knowing I am good at it. If (god-forbid) you were my patient, you would be safe.
8) Going to Saudi Arabia to work, not relying on anybody else except myself, going with the flow, and realizing that i was ok.
7) Backpacking in Greece by myself, realizing that I could manage on my own, and ultimately ending an unhealthy relationship. This, was a life-changing event.
6) Buying my own home

I enjoy:
5) The trailer. It's a hobby. It's fun. It's relaxing. It makes me happy. (It's not as white-trash as you'd might think!)
4) Blogging. Even if it's about absolutely nothing. It reminds me of the days I used to write in my diary when I was a teenager. I've lost those diaries. I must find them!

3) My kitties. But you already know that!
2) Greg
1) Knowing that I am in a good place in my life.

That's 100.

Now you try it!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

10 Odds and Ends...

1) I have an undergrad degree in Anthropology. "The study of humanity - our physical characteristics as animals, and our unique non-biological characteristics we call culture. The subject is generally broken down into three subdisciplines: biological (physical) anthropology, cultural (social) anthropology, and archaeology."
2) I am nationally certified as a Critical Care Nurse.
3) I have no desire to formally further my education.
4) I would like to take a photography course, or an ethnic cooking course, something for pure enjoyment.
5) I had a long-term relationship with a Shiite Lebonese that lasted 8 years. He was my first boyfriend, and I was 26. Can you say "Late Bloomer?!" "Can you say Idiot?!"
6) The best thing about that relationship, was that he brought me out of my shell.
7) I learned enough Arabic while in Saudi, so that when there were no Interpreters available to speak with family members of patients, or when the phone rang at work and the other nurses couldn't make out what was being asked, I was called upon as make-shift interpreter. I really faked it well, and spoke at the level of a 3 year old. Imagine getting this update of your loved one: "Head, big problem. Blood pressure, big problem. Many medications through needle for blood pressure. Breath, big problem...breath-machine. Pee, ok. Poo, very good. Same-same yesterday."
8) I love living in the city, and visiting the country. I'd rather explore a foreign city while on vacation, than go on a beach holiday.
9) I've always known that if I were to get married, it would be non-traditional, and in some other place. Vegas fits that bill, and for anyone who really knows me, they wouldn't expect any different!
10) 15 more days!

Monday, October 24, 2005

10 more things...

In the interest of really, really having to do some stuff for the BIG day, I am including today's Monday Madness as my next installment towards my '100 Things About Me.'
1. diamonds or pearls? Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I can appreciate the beauty of pearls, but don't feel sexy wearing them.
2. paperback or hardcover books? Paperbacks. Hard cover books are uncomfortable to read. Awkward somehow. Plus, I like to read a book, and pass it on. I bend pages and lie a book down open to the page I'm reading. To me, when a book is messed up, it's a sign that it's a good read. Hard covers cost too much, and I'd feel obligated to take care of them better.
3. carpet or hardwood floors? Hardwood. It's so much more pleasing to the eye. Although harder on the feet.
4. dogs or cats? Well, I love all, but since I have two kitties, I'll have to say cats.
5. fluffy or firm pillow? 2 fluffies.
6. fine point or medium point pens? Glad you asked. I'm a medium point girl. In fact, I refuse to write with a fine-tip anything. It's just not pleasing. Fine tip pens make my fingers cramp.
7. clocks a little fast or on time? Always at least 5 minutes fast!!! I can never get anywhere exactly on time, although I try, really hard. The clock in the car is 5 minutes fast, so even when I think I'm running late for work, I'm on time. When daylight savings changes, I make sure I still get that "extra" 5 minutes!
8. mahjong or spider solitaire (or other)? Uh...neither. I like solitaire, but don't know spider solitaire. Lately, I've become somewhat addicted to Sudoko. Does that count?
9. wall calendar or desk calendar? Always a wall calendar. I get "The Lonely Planet" wall calendar every year for Christmas from my brother. It's become a tradition.
10. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' Amazing race. Hands down.

That's 60. pictures.
I HAVE finally decided on a bouquet. It took me approximately 1 full 24 hour day, all hours included, to make a decision. This is what I came up with:

Now all I have to do is email the chapel and tell them this is what I want. Apparently, their florist will do the best they can. I'll be curious to see what they come up with!

Friday, October 21, 2005

10 Secrets, that aren't So-Secret anymore!

1. I hate shaving my legs. So I don't. Well, I do when I absolutely have to, like maybe once a week. I don't have really hairy legs for some reason and it doesn't grow in prickly, so it's not really a priority for me. Thankfully, Greg doesn't think it's a big deal.

2. I do shave the pits, regularly. Because that might be noticeable!

3. I hate small-talk. There are times when I prefer to have a comatose patient over a talking one. I'm really good at making small talk with comatose people. Believe it, or not. But then again, I have no trouble talking with cats.

4. People tell me their secrets all the the time! I have no idea why they would tell me their secrets, except that they probably want to tell someone and they figure that I am safe. Or am I?!
5. I hate talking on the phone, unless it's convenient for me. I love call display.

6. As much as I tried to get pregnant these past two years, in truth, it has only been two years in my life that I wanted to have children. Partly because the clock was ticking, partly because I'd finally met someone who would be a good father. I've always been afraid I would be a mother like mine was. She repeated history, I didn't want to.

7. I'm not as smart as I once thought I was. I know that I am respected at work, but I also know that people wonder why I am not doing more with my career. Truth is: my work is not my life. I love being a nurse. But I enjoy my life outside of work a whole lot more. Maybe that makes me smarter...who knows?

8. One summer, I went on over 30 first dates. I was on Lavalife. My motto was: A girl's gotta eat! My nickname is "thegirly1" under relationships. I just checked it out, and funny, my profile is still there! I was 37 at the time! Shhhh...I'm getting married, and I still have a profile!

9. A bottle of wine and a bag of low-fat popcorn is my favourite dinner when no one is watching.

10. I was the first to fart when Greg and I were starting to get to know each other. I was sitting on top of him kissing him, when it just slipped out. I thought I could do it quietly, and he wouldn't notice, but it didn't quite happen that way. Unfortunately.
Did I mention how unfortunate this was? Because that, apparently, gave him free reign, an he hasn't stopped farting since.
He must have been ready to explode those first two months.

That's 50.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

10 Jobs that I don't put on my Resume anymore!

1. Pez and I delivered The Toronto Sun on Sunday mornings at the local hospital. We'd go from room to room ..."Good morning! Would you like to buy the Sunday Sun?" Then we'd hit the canteen and buy chocolate bars. We had no profits.
2. McDonald's. My first REAL job when I was 15. Free McDonald's meals and puberty is not a good combination. Those 25 lbs I gained, I have never lost! I worked at this job with Banana. She got hired because in her interview, she assured the manager that she was always 'Tardy!'

3. Cedarbrae Cinemas. THE place to work in highschool. I worked at the snack bar with Pez and Banana. We ate a lot of popcorn, and got to see a lot of free movies. I think I made $3.85 /hr which was a HUGE wage compared to the $2.45/hr I was making at McD's!
4. The Toronto Zoo gift shop during the first summer of university. There was this mean German woman named Josie who was the boss-lady. What is it with German women?!
5. I stuffed envelopes for The Canadian Diabetes Association. Can anyone say "Paper Cuts?"
6. The Toronto Zoo membership office during the second summer of university. I actually really liked this job and helped design a new pamphlet. Unfortunately, they liked the summer students so much that they ended up firing the full-time office secretary. I wonder if she sued?

7. I was a Girl Friday for a temp agency for a couple of weeks. I learned how to use a telex machine. Remember those?!
8. The TD Bank. I was a teller at a commercial branch. I sucked. I never did know the difference between debit and credit. Kinda like that left/right thing. The funny thing was, that customers would wait for me to serve them, and let others go ahead of them. Little did they know that there was a good probability that I would screw up their banking! I quit and decided to go to nursing school when I accidently found another tellers paystub and discovered that she was making more money than I. She had been hired after me, and hadn't finished university yet. It was a blessing in disguise. It was also in the days before smoking laws and there was this old woman named Ruth who was head teller and she always had her filter-less Pall Malls smoking away in her ashtray. She'd light one after another. The whole bank reeked of Pall Malls!

9. During my first year of nursing school I worked part-time as a teller at the same bank as Pez. I still sucked, and still never balanced. But I WAS quick and processed more customers than the other tellers.
10. My second summer during nursing school I got a job at a Chronic care facility. I worked my ass off taking care of head and spinal cord injured people. The head nurse there was old school and felt it was rude to wear gloves when washing and cleaning patients, it gave the impression that the patients were dirty. So she did not stock the unit with gloves. This was about two years before Universal Blood and Bodily Function Protection laws came in to effect. Needless to say, there were moments that were pretty gross. (I'll spare you the picture!)

The rest of my jobs have all been nursing oriented, but funny how this list started off in a hospital. I never really thought about that before.

OK...that makes 40.
I am procrastinating, and must get away from blogging any more today. I have bouquets to decide upon.

Monday, October 17, 2005

10 Things I Have Experienced That Others Might Not Have

This is actually a repeat from June 30th, but in the interest of time (I have to go to work in a few minutes) I thought I would re-use it.
10 Things I Have Experienced that Others Might Not Have:

1) I have skinny-dipped in the Persian Gulf and was caught by the police as I was coming back to shore. I had one foot of water in which to cover myself up. Not the smartest thing I've ever done, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
2) I have been to a Turkish Bath in Istanbul. And was bathed by a naked dwarf. With enormous pendulous breasts. This little pic is the actual Hammam I visited
3) I have taken care of people afflicted by SARS.
4) I have been quarantined.
5) I have been in a plane as it was hit by lightning, and an engine was blown.
6) I kissed Scott Baio (Chachi!) when I was 14.
7) I have been fired from a job after one day. But I was going to quit anyway.
8) I have kicked an invited dinner guest out of my home on New Years Eve, 2 hours after he arrived. It was my first time meeting this person, and he was the boyfriend of Greg's sister, who is a wonderful person, with bad judgement.
9) I have had a quickie, at work, with a doctor.
10) I have had my passport, tickets and money stolen by a gypsy in Spain.

OK, that's 30!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

10 Most Favourite Things

1. Favourite Passion: Airports. Arrivals and Departures, the mixing of nationalities in one building. But especially when I am arriving or departing because that means I get to fly! And flying means I get to travel, and that is my number one favourite thing to do.
2. FavouriteAnimals: My cats...but that is obvious. Really, I love all animals. My favourite zoo animals are Orangutans. When I was in university I spent a couple of summers working at the zoo. I would spend every lunch hour with the Orangutans until by the end of the summer I could tell each one apart. I wonder if they started to recognize me too?!
3. Favourite Drink: Red wine. Especially Australian Shiraz, Merlot,'s like nector from the gods!
4. Favourite Junk Food: Pizza. Any day, any time.
5. Favourite Ethnic Food: Middle Eastern
6. Favourite Album: All-time fav, don't laugh...Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell. If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one album, I think I'd have to pick this one. And if I could pick another, I'd pick Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits. Don't laugh!

7. Favourite Movie-star Boyfriend: Tom Hanks. I choose him not because he is incredibly sexy, but he just seems like such a nice man. And, he's CUTE!
8. Favourite City: Istanbul
9. Favourite Perfume: Extravagance by Givenchy
10. Favourite Time of Day: 11:11. Which is why Greg and I are getting married on November 11th. When we first started dating, we would call each other every day at 11:11, it was a little inside joke, we called it 'Our Time.'

OK, there's another 10, and that took a lot longer than I thought it would! How do people manange all Top 100 in one go?!

Friday, October 14, 2005

10 Weird Things About Me:

I've been meaning to do one of those 100 Things About Me lists since I posted my 100th entry a little while ago. 100 Things seems a little daunting right now so I am going to try 10 at a time.
Today I will start with 10 Weird Things About Me:
1. I like the smell of skunk. Not fresh skunk, but that smell in your car when you drive over day-old dead skunk. I'll even roll down the window to get a better whiff.
2. I like the smell of body bags. NOT the smell of dead bodies, but the vinyl bags that zip around them. There is something about the smell of fresh vinyl that I like.
3. I enjoy my coffee in the morning best BEFORE I brush my teeth. Full dragon-breath and coffee is a good thing!
4. I talk to myself in the car a lot. Full conversations about what I should say to so-and-so if such-and-such situation ever arises again.
5. I have been watching The Young and The Restless for about 25 years. I am especially excited that Psycho Sheila is back on the show!
6. If I stopped plucking my eyebrows, I would look like a Muppet . You know the one with a unibrow?
7. I am terrible with directions because I still don't know my left from my right. I like when people point me in the right (correct) direction.
8. I call the cat to bed every night, and let him have a full 1/3 of the space. I sleep in the middle. Greg gets to sleep on the left (right?!) outer edge.
9. I can't stand the sight of my own blood, get woozie when I have to get the flu shot and yet have no problem with dealing with other peoples guts and blood, and I give needles and start IV's on a regular basis. No problem...just don't do it to me!
10. I like the sound of silence and can spend hours at home by myself without the tv or radio on before I realize the quiet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Silly Putty

Lately, I'm just feeling like Silly Putty. Remember that stuff from when we were kids, you could stretch it and pull it any ole which way you wanted, you could press it on newsprint, and it would pick up the colour, the print...even when it didn't want to? And you'd stretch it so that the cartoon's face was all weird? That's me.
I'm having a hard time saying 'No.' Inherently, I think I've always been a pleaser. And then, when I get mad, I end up being the one to apologize, to say I was the one out of line...because when I've finally exploded I'm like a volcano with lava and hot shit just spewing everywhere!
Yes, I'm sure most of this is just pre-wedding jitters. Not even jitters, because I KNOW Greg and I are good together, but...I can just not remember the last time I felt this stressed out. (And BTW...thanks to all of you who have given me such good, solid's all appreciated!)
We've got friends coming over tonight to watch the hockey game. Normally this would be fine. Christine even said she would help me with wedding stuff. But tonight I just wanted to do my own thing. Catch up on blogs, write lists of things I need to do, catch up on phone calls, send birthday cards, look through magazines, do Saturday's crossword puzzle, just wind down after being around people and working hard all weekend.
And, I had a hard time saying No. I compromised and said ok, fine, but tomorrow, I don't want ANYONE over!
I know I should be honoured. I have a cozy home and people feel comfortable here.
But sometimes, I vant to be alone!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Too tired... do much blogging.
I am absolutely exhausted, today was a lot of hard work.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragement and advice...I will try to keep it in mind for the next time!
For now, I'm just going to leave you all with a nice picture befitting of the season. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

A new day

I've had some sleep, and today is a new day, I've got a good cup of coffee in front of me, and it's the start of a long weekend. I'm feeling better and have decided that it really wouldn't be any fun just marrying myself.
I will make a concerted effort to be in a better mood, to not be grumpy and to not let my mom get to me. (Yesterday's piss-off had to do with her telling me that she would not be coming to my bridal shower if anyone was going to have one for me, because she really doesn't like those kinds of things. Nevermind that she's been to every neighbours' kids' bridal and baby showers...but she really doesn't want to come to mine. If I were having one. So, all I said was "well, I'll be sure to tell whoever might throw me a shower not to invite you" and then she said that I was trying to start a fight! OMG.)
We are heading up to the trailer in a little while, it's closing weekend. Sunday we are having a bird beast feast with all the fixin's and Monday we'll be hard at work shutting the trailer down for yet another season. This morning, it is pretty cold out with a definite nip in the air. Time to pull out the cozy sweaters!
It smells like fall.
Happy Thanksgiving!
It's been a shitty week.
And, I'm going to leave it at that. More often than not, this week, I've been grumpy, tired, pissed off and argumentative. Disappointed. Sigh. Disappointed is the thing that has made this week the most shittiest in a while.
Remember that I have a demented mother, and also that sometimes men, in geneneral, can be very inconsiderate.
And, we'll leave it at that. 'nuff said.
I'm getting married in 5 weeks. And I swear to god, this is the only time in my life that I will ever do this...and the last time.

Basically, tonight, what it comes down to... is that IF I were marrying myself, IF I didn't have to invite my mother...I'd have the perfect wedding.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If it's Wednesday...

...I must be finished this run of night shift. Finally. For someone who used to do permanent nights for 7 years straight, this has messed me up some. I've discovered that I'm not as good at sleeping all day as I used to be. This might be because there is some idiot somewhere above our unit hammering like a mad-man for what seems like hours on end. It sounds like they are pounding on a bathtub, like maybe they are trying to install one, but it doesn't quite fit so they are pounding down the sides to make it fit! I've been a tad short-tempered, but maybe just a bit abrupt. MIL2 called last night to say that 2-4 had called her at work, and Adriana and her BF don't have picture ID to cross into the USA. I didn't really have a response to that. 'Oh. Really.' was all I could muster up. I mean, what could I really do about it? They'll have to get a passport, but why are you telling me? I don't want to know, I have enough to think about right now. MIL2 asked me if I was pissed off at ther. No. Just tired and irritable. (but it was interesting that MIL2 and 2-4 actually spoke on the phone after nearly 20 years! Maybe WWIII won't take place on our Wedding Day, afterall!)
This morning I found some earplugs and I did manage to get a good 6 hours of sleep in. I was home by 8am, and thank god my car was on autopilot, because I really can't even remember the drive home. I crawled into bed, and snuggled with Greg before he got up for work...5 minutes later. Ah...quality time!
So, my heads a little fuzzy, and I'm on European-time, but other than that, things are looking up!
Next week I am back on day shift.
I have lost 5 lbs.
With any luck, I will not have to wear a fat-sucking mummy suit under my wedding gown.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So I'm in the middle of working some nightshifts to plump up the paycheck next week. I have to admit, there's not much rolling around in my head to be creative with these days. An email was forwarded to me today that I thought was pretty good. To all you strong women out there, this is for you!
A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape ...but a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.
A strong woman isn't afraid of anything ...but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear.
A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her... but a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.
A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future ...but a woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.
A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face...but a woman of strength wears grace.
A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey ... but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I came across this toadstool on the weekend, and liked the way it looked. Thought I'd share it with you!