Saturday, October 08, 2005

A new day

I've had some sleep, and today is a new day, I've got a good cup of coffee in front of me, and it's the start of a long weekend. I'm feeling better and have decided that it really wouldn't be any fun just marrying myself.
I will make a concerted effort to be in a better mood, to not be grumpy and to not let my mom get to me. (Yesterday's piss-off had to do with her telling me that she would not be coming to my bridal shower if anyone was going to have one for me, because she really doesn't like those kinds of things. Nevermind that she's been to every neighbours' kids' bridal and baby showers...but she really doesn't want to come to mine. If I were having one. So, all I said was "well, I'll be sure to tell whoever might throw me a shower not to invite you" and then she said that I was trying to start a fight! OMG.)
We are heading up to the trailer in a little while, it's closing weekend. Sunday we are having a bird beast feast with all the fixin's and Monday we'll be hard at work shutting the trailer down for yet another season. This morning, it is pretty cold out with a definite nip in the air. Time to pull out the cozy sweaters!
It smells like fall.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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