Friday, October 28, 2005

The last 30.

I've got other things I want to post about, and these top 10 lists are taking longer to think about than I thought possible. I am going to do my utmost at finishing this list off tonight. So...30 more things about me.

3 Bits of Advice given to me over the years that for some reason, I remember:
30) It's not as important to be 'in' style as it is to have your 'own' style (thanks Pez for giving me this post idea!) Advice given to me by a room mate I have lost contact with
29) As long as people are talking about you, you know you are still 'in.' Advice given to me by my mother (It apparently doesn't matter if they are talking shit about you...Although it's a helluva lot better if they are talking good stuff!)
28) Men are Casanovas, Women are Easy. The sex-talk given to me by my father. (Years later, when I still didn't have a boyfriend, he was worried I was gay.)

3 Places in the world I want to visit:
27) Russia. In particular, Moscow's subway system. It deserves a bigger picture so you don't all think I'm mental! I think I was Russian in a past life. Can you believe that this is a subway station, and not a museum? How beautiful is this? Could you start your day looking at something this stunning?
26) The Great Wall of China

25) The Grand Canyon. (Nuff said!)

General stuff:
24) I love bright colours. Especially the colour red. I have a red wall in the bedroom, and my kitchen is red. Including the ceiling.
23) I love watching figure skating on tv. I love the music, I love the movement. My heart drops every time a skater does. This winter, I am going to go skating. (I've been saying this for 5 years, but this year I mean it!)
22) I hate when people talk so much, that they don't allow you the opportunity to say anything. I'm a listener by nature, but that doesn't mean I don't ever have anything to say.
22) I respect religion as a means of bringing people with similar thoughts together. I believe that not being religious is perfectly ok. I'm not religious. I'm not sure what god is, but I believe it exists. The most primitive people believe in a god, and it holds a society together. I also believe that religion causes the most heartache in the world. Which is why I'm not religious.
21) I believe in the supernatural. And psychics.
20) I hate horror movies...but I love vampire movies! I'd love to go to Transylvania!
19) I was born in Berlin, and got my Canadian citizenship when I was 26. I failed my first citizenship test. I know nothing about politics. Well, I know nothing about Canadian politics, because I don't find it interesting. American politics, Middle-Eastern I can tell you stuff about what I think. Canadian politics...sorry...but I think it's insipid. But I truly love living in Canada, and, in particular, living in Toronto. And I can tell you all about the geography, the cities, the things to see...

3 Things I've done in the past 3 days that I never thought I would do:
18) I went to the Hooker Cooker to get myself a fake'n'bake. And liked it. I'm on my way to get a tan. I'll feel thinner, even if I'm not!
17) I bought a girdle so my dress will fit. And I won't have to diet. Who cares if I can't breathe!
16) I bought clip-in hair extensions. So I can have an updo on my wedding day.

3 Things I regret:
15) I was in scholarship French in highschool, and don't really speak it. I think I have a knack for languages, and I think I should work on this.
14) I'll add German to this. It was my mother tongue. I understand it quite well, but am embarassed to speak it, because I hear my errors. Surprisingly, I am proud of being able to speak my miniscule amount of Arabic. Maybe because I took initiative to learn it on my own, and no one expects me to speak it perfectly.
13) I was pissed off and angry at my Dad when he was dying. Although he was an alcoholic and caused a lot of grief for my mother, I was close to him. I confided in him, and he knew me a lot better than anyone else in my family. I think I could have done a better job at making his death easier for him. I had a hard time seperating myself between daughter and nurse. I think I made some bad medical decisions at the time, and wish I had the opportunity to make them right. I really, really, miss my dad. I always felt like my dad respected me, even when I made bad life decisions. He let me learn from my mistakes, and never made me feel stupid about it.

3 Trivial things:
12) People compliment me on my eyes all the time.
11) I used to be very self-conscious about the size of my i think my thighs have taken over. In 10 years, am I going to be self conscious about my ankles?
10) I wish I had thick, glossy hair. On my head.

4 Things I am most proud of:
9) Being a nurse. And knowing I am good at it. If (god-forbid) you were my patient, you would be safe.
8) Going to Saudi Arabia to work, not relying on anybody else except myself, going with the flow, and realizing that i was ok.
7) Backpacking in Greece by myself, realizing that I could manage on my own, and ultimately ending an unhealthy relationship. This, was a life-changing event.
6) Buying my own home

I enjoy:
5) The trailer. It's a hobby. It's fun. It's relaxing. It makes me happy. (It's not as white-trash as you'd might think!)
4) Blogging. Even if it's about absolutely nothing. It reminds me of the days I used to write in my diary when I was a teenager. I've lost those diaries. I must find them!

3) My kitties. But you already know that!
2) Greg
1) Knowing that I am in a good place in my life.

That's 100.

Now you try it!

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DayByDay4-2Day said...

It might be time now for you to forgive yourself for what you think you might have done wrong. This will allow you to heal and not hold resentments about it.