Friday, October 21, 2005

10 Secrets, that aren't So-Secret anymore!

1. I hate shaving my legs. So I don't. Well, I do when I absolutely have to, like maybe once a week. I don't have really hairy legs for some reason and it doesn't grow in prickly, so it's not really a priority for me. Thankfully, Greg doesn't think it's a big deal.

2. I do shave the pits, regularly. Because that might be noticeable!

3. I hate small-talk. There are times when I prefer to have a comatose patient over a talking one. I'm really good at making small talk with comatose people. Believe it, or not. But then again, I have no trouble talking with cats.

4. People tell me their secrets all the the time! I have no idea why they would tell me their secrets, except that they probably want to tell someone and they figure that I am safe. Or am I?!
5. I hate talking on the phone, unless it's convenient for me. I love call display.

6. As much as I tried to get pregnant these past two years, in truth, it has only been two years in my life that I wanted to have children. Partly because the clock was ticking, partly because I'd finally met someone who would be a good father. I've always been afraid I would be a mother like mine was. She repeated history, I didn't want to.

7. I'm not as smart as I once thought I was. I know that I am respected at work, but I also know that people wonder why I am not doing more with my career. Truth is: my work is not my life. I love being a nurse. But I enjoy my life outside of work a whole lot more. Maybe that makes me smarter...who knows?

8. One summer, I went on over 30 first dates. I was on Lavalife. My motto was: A girl's gotta eat! My nickname is "thegirly1" under relationships. I just checked it out, and funny, my profile is still there! I was 37 at the time! Shhhh...I'm getting married, and I still have a profile!

9. A bottle of wine and a bag of low-fat popcorn is my favourite dinner when no one is watching.

10. I was the first to fart when Greg and I were starting to get to know each other. I was sitting on top of him kissing him, when it just slipped out. I thought I could do it quietly, and he wouldn't notice, but it didn't quite happen that way. Unfortunately.
Did I mention how unfortunate this was? Because that, apparently, gave him free reign, an he hasn't stopped farting since.
He must have been ready to explode those first two months.

That's 50.