Sunday, October 16, 2005

10 Most Favourite Things

1. Favourite Passion: Airports. Arrivals and Departures, the mixing of nationalities in one building. But especially when I am arriving or departing because that means I get to fly! And flying means I get to travel, and that is my number one favourite thing to do.
2. FavouriteAnimals: My cats...but that is obvious. Really, I love all animals. My favourite zoo animals are Orangutans. When I was in university I spent a couple of summers working at the zoo. I would spend every lunch hour with the Orangutans until by the end of the summer I could tell each one apart. I wonder if they started to recognize me too?!
3. Favourite Drink: Red wine. Especially Australian Shiraz, Merlot,'s like nector from the gods!
4. Favourite Junk Food: Pizza. Any day, any time.
5. Favourite Ethnic Food: Middle Eastern
6. Favourite Album: All-time fav, don't laugh...Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell. If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one album, I think I'd have to pick this one. And if I could pick another, I'd pick Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits. Don't laugh!

7. Favourite Movie-star Boyfriend: Tom Hanks. I choose him not because he is incredibly sexy, but he just seems like such a nice man. And, he's CUTE!
8. Favourite City: Istanbul
9. Favourite Perfume: Extravagance by Givenchy
10. Favourite Time of Day: 11:11. Which is why Greg and I are getting married on November 11th. When we first started dating, we would call each other every day at 11:11, it was a little inside joke, we called it 'Our Time.'

OK, there's another 10, and that took a lot longer than I thought it would! How do people manange all Top 100 in one go?!

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Christopher Largen said...

You better stay away from junk food, or we're going to have to bust you!

- Sgt. Belcher
Food Enforcement Administration