Thursday, October 20, 2005

10 Jobs that I don't put on my Resume anymore!

1. Pez and I delivered The Toronto Sun on Sunday mornings at the local hospital. We'd go from room to room ..."Good morning! Would you like to buy the Sunday Sun?" Then we'd hit the canteen and buy chocolate bars. We had no profits.
2. McDonald's. My first REAL job when I was 15. Free McDonald's meals and puberty is not a good combination. Those 25 lbs I gained, I have never lost! I worked at this job with Banana. She got hired because in her interview, she assured the manager that she was always 'Tardy!'

3. Cedarbrae Cinemas. THE place to work in highschool. I worked at the snack bar with Pez and Banana. We ate a lot of popcorn, and got to see a lot of free movies. I think I made $3.85 /hr which was a HUGE wage compared to the $2.45/hr I was making at McD's!
4. The Toronto Zoo gift shop during the first summer of university. There was this mean German woman named Josie who was the boss-lady. What is it with German women?!
5. I stuffed envelopes for The Canadian Diabetes Association. Can anyone say "Paper Cuts?"
6. The Toronto Zoo membership office during the second summer of university. I actually really liked this job and helped design a new pamphlet. Unfortunately, they liked the summer students so much that they ended up firing the full-time office secretary. I wonder if she sued?

7. I was a Girl Friday for a temp agency for a couple of weeks. I learned how to use a telex machine. Remember those?!
8. The TD Bank. I was a teller at a commercial branch. I sucked. I never did know the difference between debit and credit. Kinda like that left/right thing. The funny thing was, that customers would wait for me to serve them, and let others go ahead of them. Little did they know that there was a good probability that I would screw up their banking! I quit and decided to go to nursing school when I accidently found another tellers paystub and discovered that she was making more money than I. She had been hired after me, and hadn't finished university yet. It was a blessing in disguise. It was also in the days before smoking laws and there was this old woman named Ruth who was head teller and she always had her filter-less Pall Malls smoking away in her ashtray. She'd light one after another. The whole bank reeked of Pall Malls!

9. During my first year of nursing school I worked part-time as a teller at the same bank as Pez. I still sucked, and still never balanced. But I WAS quick and processed more customers than the other tellers.
10. My second summer during nursing school I got a job at a Chronic care facility. I worked my ass off taking care of head and spinal cord injured people. The head nurse there was old school and felt it was rude to wear gloves when washing and cleaning patients, it gave the impression that the patients were dirty. So she did not stock the unit with gloves. This was about two years before Universal Blood and Bodily Function Protection laws came in to effect. Needless to say, there were moments that were pretty gross. (I'll spare you the picture!)

The rest of my jobs have all been nursing oriented, but funny how this list started off in a hospital. I never really thought about that before.

OK...that makes 40.
I am procrastinating, and must get away from blogging any more today. I have bouquets to decide upon.

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