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Winter Blahs Interrupted...Circa 1999

This past week has been blah.
And, a bit stressful as I have absolutely decided to sell the condo, and it will be up on MLS April 3rd. So, I've spent the week packing everything all up again, or at least getting a good start. As I was packing up all my photo albums, I came across the pictures of the year I went to Greece.
I have very fond memories of Greece.
What you should know about this trip, was that I had just had the fight to end all relationship fights and marched off to Greece, backpacking, by myself. I was used to 5 Star travel, and had NO CLUE as to what I was doing, just that I was going to do it. I had never backpacked before, and had never traveled alone before.
But I was pissed, and nothing can stop me when I spitting mad!!!
What I learned, was that I was ok on my own. In fact, I was MORE than OK.

This trip, changed my life!!!
This weekend, I invite you to a Weekend Getaway in Greece...courtesy of a journal I found while cleaning out my desk. (Amazing what you find when you are moving!)

(The photos you see here are pics of pics so they are really bad quality...I haven't managed to get my scanner working in a while...but I think you'll get the gist of it)

14 Aug '99 Posted by Picasa

Well, so here I am in Rhodes!

Yesterday was a very long day--I thought it would be a good idea to really "rough it" and take the bus from the airport in to town. MISTAKE! I walked and walked & couldn't find the bus station--I guess because there wasn't a bus station--merely just a bus shelter, with no sign or anything. I probably should have realized that this would not be easy, or fun just by people's reaction to my question "Where is the bus station?" Raised eyebrows, then a point in the direction of a church. Well, I made it to the church--at least 1/2 mile walk, was of course, looking for a "bus station." Trudged all the way back to the airport with the stupid backpack on (an my gold platform shoes!) and ended up taking a taxi. Could have saved myself an hour, but then again, what else did I really have to do? Anyway, so I got a taxi and what does he do? Picks up people along the way, and charges everybody full price! I really hadn't minded that he was picking people up because I had figured that my fare would be less. No such thing! Charged me full fare!

But I did get dropped off at the tourist centre & I apparently got the last room in the city...and then only for 2 nights. The owner of the pension is a nice old guy named George. George gave me a little walk around the area so I wouldn't get lost, and told me how to phone home. I spent a few hours at the beach-talk about crowded! The beach itself was not that great, but the Mediterranean is beautifully clear & refreshing.

I'm not lonely yet. But I suppose I might go a little stir crazy.

15 Aug '99

Last night, I walked to the Old Town & couldn't believe my eyes! I'm sure that I picked the best place in the world to start my holiday! The Old Town is the largest Medieval city in Europe and it is just amazing to walk along the old cobblestones, beside the ancient walls and try to imagine what it was like living back then. I am a pretty happy girl right now. Had dinner alone last night-guess what I had? Greek Salad and Chick Souvlaki! Pretty tasty, although I think The Village Salad on the Danforth is better. After dinner I walked around for a while, looking in the shops-and of course, I ended up getting lost! Walked around for ages before I figured out how to get back to Pension Foula. I bought a bottle of wine on my way home, but was way too tired to drink any of it (never mind that I didn't have a corkscrew!) It ended up being a very early night.

Woke up pretty early this morning & decided not to go to the beach. Opted instead to head back to the Old town & look around there. Ended up lost again, but did find the Turkish Quarters & walked along ancient streets where sometimes I was the only person there.

I've spent a few hours today in various cafe's having lunch, or just stopping for a beer. I was feeling all right, being on my own & all. The, I decided I needed another beer, and saw this nice cafe where all the seats faced out. I, or course, wanted to sit in the front so I could people-watch. The waiter, for whatever reason, didn't me to sit there-so I put up a stink! I ended up sitting where I wanted in the end. The waiter then decides he's going to chat to me. When he finds out I'm alone, he says "That's so strange!" Gee. Thanks. There was another tourist traveling alone, so I asked him to take a picture of me. Felt very strange! Oh well.

To tell you the truth, I am having a rather nice holiday. Last night I went to the Light & Sound show at the Grand Palace. It was good. In the afternoon I had gone inside the Palace where they had an exhibition on "Alexander the Great." All the artwork was of him-different heads-actually, same heads, different colours! Over 100 of them. Now, I'm not an art connoisseur, but is this not redundant?!

I did read something about him that I thought was interesting-what made Alex so Great: During a very long battle, the knights were starving, thirsty and tired. They, however, kept obeying their leader Alexander. The knights found a little trickle of water one day which they collected in a helmet & presented to Alexander, although each and every one of them were dying of thirst. Alexander, realizing how thirsty, hungry & tired his troops were, emptied the water on to the ground, to prove he deserved no better than his men.

That is how he became Alexander the Great.

16 Aug '99

Today I had to leave Pension Foula & find another room. Which I did, nearby. It's clean enough I suppose but I don't like it as much. The bathroom & shower is down the hall & there are no towels. I just had a shower & thank god for sarongs and abayas! I dried off with a sarong I've been wearing the last two days, and my abaya doubled as a robe! H would absolutely hate this! I can't say I love it, but I have to believe that somehow it is character-building. I still have 1/2 a bottle of wine left, but no glass. As I'm writing this, I'm swigging it out of the bottle! Hey! Whatever works!

I decided today that I liked Rhodes enough, that I am going to stay until next Saturday. That actually gives me a week in Rhodes. On the 17th I go back to Foula's, George has been very nice to me. And his place is a little cheaper. He's about 70 years old, but believe me! He's got no problem giving me ahug and a pat on my botttom!

So, it's 6:30pm now. I think I am going to go & watch the sun st over the sea, and then head off to get something to eat. I am so proud of myself being on this holiday alone. It's good to know I can rely on myself.


so I went and watche the sunset, which was lovely. And had mousakka for dinner (and 1/2 a bottle of red wine.) I was invited out by Nico (the restaurant owner) to show me around. He thought it was "interesting" that I was alone, wondered where my parent's were!!! I declined Nico's invitation (never mind that he was fattish & had scabby hands)

And called H. Asshole is going to Beirut. What a slap in the face. Fu**ker! He really has made me think that I will leave Saudi inDecember. I am getting to a point where I am starting to hate him. The good thing is, is that I am in Greece, and loving it. I go to bed when I want & get going pretty early every day. No more waiting around for H to have his morning dump and then half of the day is gone already!

I am tired of H only thinking of himself. He sucks.

OK>>>More tomorrow!

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