Sunday, March 12, 2006

Winter Blahs Interrupted, Cont...

18 Aug '99
I spent the whole at the windy beach under an umbrella reading. I've found a second hand book store, which is lucky for me, as I seem to be going through a book a day.
At night I went to the Old Town & had a wonderful dinner of stuffed tomatoes & peppers, and wine, which I quite enjoyed! On my way home I bought another bottle of wine, as I thought it
d be nice to sit out on my balcony and have a glass. As I was walking out the store, this guy comes running across the road & invites me toa Norweigan bar for a drink! I guess because I'd already had a bit to drink , I thought "oh, what the drink!" One drink turned into two, and the guy ends up being named Thor and croshes tin cans on his forehead! It truly made me laugh, and we ended up dancing in the street to Cher's 'Believe.' Perfect song for my mood!

19 Aug '99
Today marks 8 years that H and I have been together. In my heart, I know it will be our last. I have got to move on with my life, and without him.
I took the ferry over to Symi for the day! Was it EVER hot! There were dolphins following the boat, playing in the waves, it was SO cool to see!

20Aug 99

The flight to Santorini was rather frightening, as it left in the middle of the night, and was a propeller plane. We vibrated like crazy the whole way! Made it to Santorini though, and after an equally frightening taxi ride, made it to Oia. It was just after 1 am when I got there.

Then the craziest thing happened. My room wasn't ready! I was met by an elderly Greek woman who thought nothing of laughing & talking away to me in Greek. I followed her, and ended up sleeping in her living room, with her nephew and his girlfriend in the next room! Talk about feeling odd, but what else was I to do?! The good thing was that the nephew (Panos) and his Italian girlfriend (Monika) spoke english & they were very, very nice, and explained that I shouldn't worry, that everything will work out in the morning. Everyone so was friendly, it almost felt like I was visiting family!

And her home was so quaint! The back part of the house was actually built in to the cliff, and all the ceilings were rounded. It was so nice and cool, it's been the best night sleep so far!

21 Aug '99

This morning, I was the first one up, I couldn't wait to see the view! I could not believe my eyes! I honestly think I have found Heaven on Earth.

Miss Maria was up shortly after me, and brought out a Greek coffee. Yumm! Then she showed me were my room would be...a gorgeous canopy bed with a view overlooking the Caldera! I feel like a Princess!

Tonight I went to see the famous Oia sunset. I managed to find a nice quite spot in front of a Church. I have to say, that the sun glowing upon the cross was somewhat of a religious experience!

22 Aug '99

Took the bus to Perrissa, and spent time at the black sand beach. It was a gorgeous day, but the best part was the hour long bus ride! The scenery was beautiful, and there was one vineyard after another, with people hadn-picking the grapes, and the donkeys waiting nearby to carry the baskets. And the cliffs! Just stunning. SAntorini truly is beautiful, I think it rates up there with the top 3 places I have been.

23 Aug '99

I spent the day in Thira, it was also very pretty, but I've been spoiled by the beauty of Oia.

When I got home tonight, I sat on the terrace for a while and had a sip of Metaxa*****. One of the thousands of cats that roam around Greece, decided that I looked like I had a comfortable lap. So, there I was in Santorini, sitting on a terrace overlooking the Caldera, listening to Ella Fitz and stroking a purring cat. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to spend the evening!

23 Aug '99

I had hoped to go to Mykonnos, but the fast boat I had booked was cancelled due to the windy conditions. I decided to go to Paros instead as it was the next ferry out of Santorini. I met a woman named Sandi while waiting to board the ferry. She had also changed her plans. We got to talking, and decided that we would room together for the next few days. She has travelled a lot, all of it on her own!

Paros is very quaint, and not as touristy as Rhodes, or Santorini. I'm kind of glad I ended up here. Sandi is a real character, too! I don't know what it is, but people always tell me stuff, and I kind of wonder why? Her brother just completed a sex change operation, and is in the middle of a divorce, and his kids won't speak to him/her, and she's getting used to the idea of having a sister!

24 Aug '99

We went to explore a little place called Naoussa today and went rock collecting, and took a bunch of pictures. It is a fishing village, and a really, nice, nice place to visit.

25 Aug '99

Athens. I only have one day here, so I walked and walked and walked and tried to see as much as I could. The Plaka is fabulous, although I did manage to get lost. What's new? The Parthenon is incredible and I'm so amazed that all of these structures are still standing. The city is getting ready for the Olympics in 2004, that should be amazing!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the Winter Blahs Interrupted story. It brought back good memories for me. I learned a lot about self-reliance, and liking my own company. I never saw H again before I left Saudi, although we didn't officially break up until 3 months later.

It was the best thing that ever happened.

Now...time to get out into the sunshine! As I've reminisced, Spring has Sprung!


Anonymous said...

What's the name of the place in Santorini you stayed? Your room with canopy bed looks so beautiful I would LOVE to book it for my honeymoon! =D Thanks!

p.s - my email is

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