Monday, April 28, 2008


Eye candy. No matter where you look, there's is something truly lovely to look at. The Southern Oak Trees with their thick thick trunks, their wide open arms and weeping spanish moss hanging from each limb. It was just as I had imagined.
There is something so special when you see a place and have built it up so much in your mind, and it is exactly how you had envisioned it to be...only better.
Today I went back in time, to a city that has always fascsinated me. Gone With The Wind. The history of the Civil War. The Colonial Homes. The Streets. The river. The just Everything about it.
C and I started off on the trolley ride and had a very good guided tour of the Historical Area. We jumped off at the River Walk and hung out there long enough to get hooked on buying artwork. Spent the rest of the day wandering about on foot going from one art gallery to the next. To tell the truth, it was a wonderful way to see Savannah---through the eyes of Its' Artists.
The one downfall of the day was that the battery to my digital camera died and I didn't bring the charger. I ended up buying a disposable camera so it'll be quite interesting to see how the pictures turn out. Today I realized just how much I rely on my digital---it was a huge disappointment. I did try to take a couple of artistic angle photos, but what will actually turn out remains a mystery.
Other highlights of the day:
Paula Deen's restaurant and store While we didn't get there in time for reservations, we did go in to her souvenir shop. I bought a signed cookbook, and walked into the restaurant for a sniff. It smelled good, but to be honest, the buffet looked 'just OK.' The fried chicken looked better than KFC, but the Collards looked like something Mr. Mao barfed up after eating a plastic bag. Apparently, you can order off the menu, which I think would be much better plan.
Well, it';s now past 1am, and tomorrow afternoon the conference starts.
My sliding door is open, I can hear the Hilton Head waves crashing upon the shore.
Good Night.

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Kristi said...

I have always wanted to visit Savannah, both because I've heard it's a beautiful city and because of Paula Deen's restaurant! I'm glad you're having a great time. And next time we're in Toronto, we definitely need to see eachother.