Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day Three-Shopping Spree!

We had a great day yesterday, despite the clouds and rain. We didn't realize it ahead of time, but Monday was also a 'free' day, other than the welcome dinner, but more of that later.
What to do at Hilton Head when the weather is dreary? Well, we could have rented bicycles and rode up and down the beach, but we didn't. We went shopping!
I really don't like clothes shopping. In fact, I hate it. Which is probably why I have a pathetic wardrobe. But not anymore! We found an awesome TJ Maxx, and an even awesomer Outlet Mall. I have to say, I turned into a Shopping Diva yesterday. Total haul: 8 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, 2 skirt/top sets, 4 camis, 1 t-shirt, 1 white sweater and 2 pairs of capris! I think I am set for my summer wardrobe. (Do Ya think?!) Oh, and a Kitchen Aid rolling pin that was 75% off, and Villeroy and Boch mugs that were also 75% off. Those shoes that I bought? Naturalizer, 80% off! I couldn't believe it! How could I leave a deal like that behind?
With all of our shopping excitement, we lost track of time and arrived nearly 2 hours late for the welcome dinner. There were no seats left, except for these two seats at a round table, so we invited ourselves. Turns out that we invited ourselves to sit at the head table with the owner, CEO, and President of the company! Oh my. We turn up late, bedraggled (we got caught in the rain) and wearing our shopping clothes and end up sitting with these folks. We had no idea initially, so once again, ignorance is bliss. They were extremely nice, and the owner of the company seemed so pleased to meet us, he kept thumping me on the arm, and slapping me on the back. (on second thought, maybe he wasn't pleased, as it was quite possible he was trying to knock my arm out of it's socket!) Dinner was delicious. I had crab legs for the first time ever, which required a lot of work, but was very tasty. There was also suckling pig, which I tried, but couldn't get the thought of the little piggie being torn away from it's mama to have it's head served on a platter. I don't think I'll have that again.
Today the conference starts and I see tables being set up outside for breakfast.
Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a great time!!!


Pez said...

We need pictures of your loot, especially the shoes!

moon said...

omg all that great shopping!! Days like those are rare...deals like that are like endangered species, I am so happy for u...did u buy another suitcase to fit it all in!