Friday, June 22, 2007

Adventures in Dogwalking

Greg and I have an agreement that the last one out of the house has to take Buddy for a walk around the block before heading off to work. It's usually me. You'd think that this would be a fairly simple task, but apparently for me, it's not.
Yesterday morning I had this great idea that I would enjoy a cup of coffee while I walked Buddykins. I had Buddy on a short leash, poo-bag and coffee in hand. We set out and shortly thereafter I noticed that Mr. Mao was also coming on the walk with us. I smiled to myself thinking "oh, how cute...Mao wants to come along!" Three houses down Buddy took a big poo. No problem. I put the coffee cup on the sidewalk, held on to Buddy's leash, deftly picked up the big load, and tied my one bag in a knot. Surely he was done.
Nope, next house another poo. Okay...a little trickier as I only had the one bag. Coffee cup on the sidewalk, reopen bag, juggle old poo but do manage to get it all in the bag. Mao watched curiously from a distance, probably wondering why I never clean the litter box every time after he and Dutchie use it.
Back to the poo. I thought he was done, but nooooo...he had to squeeze a little more out. Coffee cup on sidewalk, this time even trickier with the poo so I had to let go of the leash. Which is when Buddy saw Mao and the chase was on! First Mao, then Buddy, then me (with my 2lb bag of poo) racing down the street, and of course witnessed by the mailman.
I managed to get Buddy in the house, then had to go back and retrieve my coffee cup which was still sitting on the sidewalk at this point cold and being stepped over by the kids on their way to school.
On my way home from work last night I bought a Bright Red flexi-leash with a 16 foot lead. Paid $40 for it, but figured it would be worth it. It would give Buddy a little more freedom and maybe I could handle the poo situation better.
We set out this morning but I decided not to bring the coffee.
We made it halfway around the block on his new leash before he got tangled up around a hydro pole. Stupid me let go of the leash and the automatic recoil set in motion. It recoiled all right, and scared the shit out of Buddy! He started running but the handle just kept following him. He was terrified so ran even faster! The handle followed him faster! That dog can run like the wind! So can the flexi-leash handle. I ran too, although not like the wind...
I passed a man I had said hello to three minutes earlier while he admired my new puppy. He now shook his head and tried not to laugh.
Buddy was sitting on the front lawn out of breath. The brand new Bright Red flexi-leash also looked tired. It also looked like I've had it for ten years.

I can only thank god that the mailman didn't witness this.


Mitey Mite said...

It probably wasn't at the time, but how hilarious that story is! Thanks for the great laugh.

At least you didn't get mixed up and put the poo in the coffee cup...

Donna said...

Ah yes, the art of juggling the leash and the picking up of the poo. This is why I always walk the dogs with my husband. Thanks for the giggle.

Bob-kat said...

Oh Ramona! I was laughing out loud reading this! Poo juggling sounds like a hobby that you really don't wnat to take up ever again. And poor little Buddy, getting scared by the red handle. Oh dear! It's like something from a sitcom :)

I thought Mr Mao accompanying you was sweet too. My parent's cat used to do the same thing adn even now, though the dog passed away a couple of years ago my dad has to take the cat a walk down the street LOl!

I do hope you are continuing to feel better.

Begered said...

That is too funny and sounds all too familiar! I finally gave up trying to walk with coffee a long time ago since I got the 2nd dog. What seems to work for me is get the dog to do a sit stay still on leash (which I us a 6' leather leash) that I step on in case a kitty walks by..then scoop up the poo.

Thanks for the laugh :) It really made my day!

Annie said...

he he he what a brilliant post! I have two dogs so the poo juggle whilst one goes one way and one goes the other sometimes makes me wish I had elastic arms.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Here via Michele today.

Zephra said...

What a funny visual, but at least there was no poop involved.

Via Michele's.

Mike said...

What a funny story!

Here from Michele

Kristi said...

OMG! This made me totally LOL. Poor Buddy. Poor Mao. And most of all, poor YOU!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Been there done that!! I needed a laugh - thanks for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

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moon said...

OMG that was too funny!! Sorry... u had to deal with all that but u wrote it too well for us to laugh outloud lmao!!!
Note to self...(no flexy leash for your dogs)(always bring more then one poop bag) (drink coffee.. BEFORE dog walk) lmao
who knew this post could be so informative?!