Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Travel Tuesdays #4

Now that I'm all excited about our trip to Berlin in May, I thought I would venture out of the Middle East for a bit and post some pictures taken way back in 1990 when I traveled to Germany with my brother. The Berlin Wall was in the process of being destroyed and I feel quite fortunate that I was able to get a picture taken of me with a pick-axe at the Wall. I also have my own little chunk as a souvenir, bought from the guy who lent me his axe.

Do take the time to head on over to Mitey Mite's to check out the lovely sites of Mont St. Michel off the Normandy Coast.
And you absolutely must visit The Beeshive to see the vibrant clothing colours in Kurdistan, Iraq.


Donna said...

Berlin has always fascinated me. So much history, something our cities are sorely lacking.

Begered said...

I went to Berlin the same year I went to Russia during the same trip. I loved it there. Very exciting that you get to go back...so many changes since your last trip.

Bob-kat said...

How wonderful that you were there when the wall was being dismantled adn it's great that you haev an actual chunk of history!

I was thinking of Germany or Italy for my holiday this year and then also a city break at some point so I will be very interested in reading about your trip to Berlin. I get retless though, so as soon as the weather brightens I will be off somewhere local with my camera!

Kristi said...

Wow. How cool that you have a piece of the Berlin Wall. You're such the travel maven. I love reading about your Travel Tuesdays.

Pez said...

Cool that you have a piece of that wall.

moon said...

Very cool pics...what a time to have been there!
In the lovely Hotel where I got married this yr..in a display area, there is a huge piece of the Berlin wall erect and standing on display. It has all sorts of colourfull graffity on it. My sister had the great idea to have some of our wedding pics taken infront of it. They are our favorite pics..turned out great, Formal against abstract colours..just seems to work lol.