Sunday, January 28, 2007

WCB, Updates and a Perfect Sunday

This has been a busy week at work and with after-work appointments, so this weekend has been especially welcomed.
Family Update: Two-Four has now changed her mind. Adriana is not Chronically Depressed, she either has Schizophrenia or is Bi-Polar. It runs in the family, don'chya'know. There is a fourth cousin thrice removed who has it. Uh-huh, if you need cheap psychiatric advice let me put you in touch with Two-Four. She charges 5 cents and will talk your ear off for hours on end. On being be 17 again: maybe it's harder these days. Despite MY mother's opinion, I was a relatively good kid, and she should consider herself lucky to have gotten away so easily with the likes of me. Adriana....well who knows what's going on with her. Although 17 doesn't seem that long ago, I have no clue as to why she has been doing the crazy things she has been doing. It makes me feel old. But I'd never in a million-trillion years want to re-live 17.
Vacation Update: Not only am I going to Seattle, Greg and I are 100% booked to go to Berlin and Amsterdam. I have even booked a hotel in Amsterdam for three nights. It is a budget hotel located directly across the street from Anne Frank's house. I am the happiest person in the world when I can plan a travel vacation. (Reminder to self: re-read The Diary of Anne Frank)
Work Update: I will officially have a job-share partner as of February 10th. Which means that I am going to be working part-time in the Recovery Room, and part-time in Critical Care. I am ready to make the move back to ICU, but am still not sure I can do it full-time. It really sucked the life out of me when that was my only job.
Diet Update: Things are going OK. I am losing weight slowly, but steadily. I am cautiously optimistic that I will be a few clothing sizes smaller by summer.

Last night, we went to a wedding. The Bride was the daughter of Greg's boss, and we had never met her, or the Groom. In fact, we didn't even know their names because Greg left the invitation at work. Anyway, it was an Italian wedding and there were over 300 people there, many of whom I'm guessing who were also strangers. Although, we must have been the strangest, because we sat at the table the furthest away from the head table, and tucked into a corner. It was a good wedding. The bride seriously looked like Cinderella, her dress skirt was so BIG, and her hair was so BIG, but she was a teensy-tiny-weenie girl. With a BIG smile! I am sure she had the wedding of her dreams.
Here is a picture of Greg and I last night.
See my new haircut and highlights? I went to a new hair-stylist and I was quite pleased with her work.
This morning, we woke up to a beautiful snow-fall. Here is The Dutchess in her basket looking very sweet...
And another view out of our front window...
Mr. Mao, always the trouble-maker, was nosing about in a plastic bag that I had literally JUST emptied and hadn't gotten around to putting way yet. Here he is, pretending that he is Super-Cat. Or maybe he is thinking that he can either run fast enough for him to use it as a parachute, or, conversely, sit on top of the heat return, and use it as a hot-air balloon. That cat is full of Crazy Ideas. Never a dull moment I tell you. Sometimes, I think he purposely does stupid stuff like that when we're around so that he gets even more attention. He thinks it's normal cat behaviour. Little does he know.

So, I had said that this has been a Perfect Sunday. We got up early, read the paper, and then decided to head downtown to our old haunt The Antique Market. We hung out there for a while, went to Tim Horton's for coffee, and the the Supermarket where we bought enough meat for the month and a loaf of bread. And then, we headed to our new favourite place. The Bird Park. We were there last weekend and really enjoyed the birds. This week, we brought our own bread, and because it was snowing, we were pretty much the only people there. We had fun, and of course, I took more bird pictures:

I have no idea how I got this picture of a seagull in flight, but I like it!
I like how there is just one swan amongst all these not-so ugly ducklings.
How did this silly goose get in the picture?!And, because it is a new camera, and I am still experimenting, here are my last two "artistic" photos: Sumac

And Feather Grass

That's it! It doesn't take a whole lot for me to have a Perfect Sunday. Peace and quiet, no obligations, just taking the time to be together and enjoy what we have right in front of us.

Head on over to Kate in the Kitchen for more Weekend Cat Blogging...those kitties make even a most Perfect Sunday just one little bit better.


moon said... look the highlights and the flip action going on lol...looks smile. Nice pic of you both.

All great photos ...specially love the ducks.
Here via Michele's this time lol

Begered said...

Love the hair! You lok great in the picture. I also love all the birds at the park...looks very cold though. Thanks for the good wishes in my marathon journey!

srp said...

Here from Michele.

These are great pictures.
We have four of these cross-eyed seal points and three ragdolls here. I think either they get a spasm in those little walnut sized brains or they plan their antics to be done at the most annoying times or bothersome circumstances. If you're ready to photograph them or ready to play, they can only be found asleep on the bed, on the soft robe that you were prepared to put on.

Mr. Rhett once caught his body in the handle of an Old Navy bag and created quite a stir. I think he lost at least two of his lives during that spree.

Bob-kat said...

Oh Yes! Definitely a perfect day! I must have known when I did my blog post :-)

Mr Mao sounds like my cat, Bob. Always doing things for attnetion.

I love your pics of the birds in the snow - especially the one of all the ducks and the lone swan. I miss snow as we don't get much in the south of the UK.

Kate said...

Thanks for joining in the fun at WCB! The party was grand and we throroughly enjoyed our guests. Stop on over and check out everyone who came!!

sher said...

WOW!! That was somejam packed post, full of al kinds of interesting stuff. First--you look fabulous! I loved that picture--you glowed! And Duchess looks fabulous too!

Would NEVER want to be 17 again! ! And across the street from Anne Frank's house? Oh, that's amazing. I've always wanted to go see that. I envy you, but I'm glad your're doign this for yourself Ramona!

Donna said...

Yes, jealousy abounds here too. Sounds like things are really falling into place for you this year!

Pez said...

You look so beautiful, Ramona!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice winter pictures; beautiful!

I love the way Mr. Mao looks with his bag around the neck! Hilarious! On the contrary, Dutchess looks very distinguished ;-P...