Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fleas Be Gone!

I have a confession to make.
I've got fleas.
Well, I have flea bites. So does Greg. And so do our Weekend Trailer-trash Cats.
You'd think that someone who has had family pets their whole life might consider fleas as the culprit. You might also think that a nurse would clue in, especially since I knew that Mr. Mao had some bites. For some reason, I thought he got stung by a wasp, because he had a big lump under his right arm, and also because I was stung by a wasp. 'Tis the season here in Ontari-ari-o.
About a week ago I started itching and noticed that I had about 10 mysterious non-wasp bites on my back, and one on my belly, and, of course, I kept scratching the belly one. It is now about the size of a tennis ball, and definitely not sexy. It's not sexy when I'm scratching in my scrubs at work, and absolutely not sexy when I'm in my birthday suit. But that's too much information...I know.
Last night, we noticed that our normally very lazy, sleepy, chubby Miss Dutchess was racing around the condo like her tail was on fire. We were quite amused at the 'kitten' in her, and she raced back and forth, back and forth, while we were trying to watch Rock Star Super Nova. Still, we did not clue in.
It was Greg's idea today to get some flea collars for the Fleabags. (too bad they don't come in adult human sizes)
So, I picked them up on my way home from work, as well as some anti-flea mousse, and anti-flea carpet/furniture spray.
We rubbed the mousse into the kitties, and gave them their new collars. Mr. Mao, always the troublemaker, decided to lick the mousse off, which, of course, immediately made him foam at the mouth like Cujo. OMG did he ever have the Spits!
So, thinking that we might have poisoned our little guy, he then got his first bath and a blow-dry in his 7 year life and is now hiding under a table, pissed off. The Dutchess is growly and pissed as well, but she could be conned with food and has now pretty much forgiven us.
Me? Well, I'm still scratching, and am up to my ears in laundry and pesticide stench.

Anyone else itchy now?! ;)

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