Monday, August 14, 2006

We decided not to go to the trailer this weekend. Turns out that we have BOTH had enough of the Clan.
Greg's estranged sister was in town for a few days, so we all got together with her on Thursday night AND Friday night. She was ok, I'd only met her once before, very briefly. When we were married last November, she did not even acknowledge it. No phone call, no card, even though Greg had tried to contact her and left messages, and I had sent her pictures and a DVD of the ceremony. She's a bit of an odd duck, who I think is embarrassed/angry at the way she was raised. Anyway, meeting up with her was ok. At the end of the night, she gave me a hug, and welcomed me to the family which I thought was very weird, considering that she has not been a part of the family for almost 20 years. I felt like welcoming HER to the family! Oh well, whatever.
We were meant to go to a family reunion of Greg's on Sunday. His grand-parents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I was quite happy that Greg decided to ditch this idea on Sunday morning. We had his grandparents for dinner at the trailer last weekend, and will have them again next weekend and make it more special. I made them a beautiful Anniversary card, which is probably the nicest I've ever made.
So, we had a really nice, quiet weekend. We didn't answer the phone, and we just hung out and did our own thing. Saturday, we went for lunch on a patio, drove through Toronto's oldest cemetary which is quite beautiful, mosied on through Canadian Tire, bought expensive wine, came home and watched movies. The Princess Bride, and Almost Famous.
Sunday, we went for a long walk (and fielded phone calls from Greg's mom, who is mad at us for not coming to the reunion.)
All in all, a perfect weekend.

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