Monday, August 21, 2006

WCB #62

I'm a little late for Weekend Cat Blogging, but better late than never? The Gladiolas are in season right now, and I picked these up from the side of the road at a little stand. The colours are spectacular, so bright that Mr. Mao had to close his eyes! Clare and Kiri haven't been seen in a while, so Heather has picked up the ball this week, and Weekend Cat Blogging can be found at Heather's Space Thanks Heather!

In other flower news: My Hostas are also heading into full bloom...
What's the Story Morning Glory?

I planted Morning Glory seeds that I had picked up from the local Opportunity Shop. The seeds were just in a little pill container with no other label on it, so I didn't know what colour the flowers would be.

Lazy Daisy: No so lazy!

The bunnies had eaten the new leaves off of this plant in early June. I am so surprised that they actually bloomed!

On the Homefront...Keep your fingers crossed for me. There might be an offer coming in today!

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