Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wednesday Night Date

Whoo-hoo! It's been a romantic sort of week. First a movie, and then a concert.
Yesterday, after work, we made the two hour trek to Casino Rama to see Sheryl Crow and she was absolutely awesome! Our seats were excellent, and it was so much fun! It was totally worth the drive.
I have big plans today. Well, maybe not so big, but I've got plans!
1)Run to the mall and buy some shorts. Mine have all shrunk since last summer. Sigh.
2)Make quiche. Anybody have a good recipe? I have it in my head to make some today to bring to Greg's Grandmothers place tomorrow. She is having an 85th birthday party, but we've arranged to go over there early before anyone arrives to spend some time with her (and leave when the other guests start arriving!) I think I might have offended MIL2 yesterday when I told her that we would not be staying for the party. First of all, we saw ALL of these people last week, and second of all, I don't do well in crowds of people I don't know very well. I told her that I get uncomfortable, and then she felt bad that I get uncomfortable, and then when I was attempting to tell her that it was my quirk, not that I didn't like their friends, I made the mistake of calling her Denise (which is Two-Four's name.) Uh-oh. And that after she got us the free Sheryl Crow tickets. (Ramona hangs head in embarrassment.)
So, I will attempt to make it up to them tomorrow by making a quiche.
3)And a homemade card.
4)And I'm sending Greg out to the religious store to buy her a gift. I'm thinking a Jesus nightlight. (Her bedroom is a shrine!)
5)Clean condo for yet another Open House this weekend
6) Finish reading the Da Vinci Code. (it's so good!)
7) Go to work at midnight. The fun has got to stop somewhere!
I finally recieved some pics of my friend Sal's wedding so I'll leave you with one: