Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, the weekend was...interesting.
My brother has started dating this woman and wanted to bring her up to the trailer for the long weekend. OK...
She was nice enough...very polite, helpful, friendly. But...well...let's just say, that as much as I love my brother, any woman who would be interested in him, I'd have to wonder what planet she was from.
She has a job. Which is good. She is a social worker/case worker at a Centre for Addiction. Sounds good, doesn't it? Uh-huh. She is the biggest pot-head/boozer I've met in a long time, and brought up about thirteen thousand Southern Rock CD's that she insisted on playing from the crack of dawn to the wee hours of the morning. To give my brother credit, he has been clean and sober for the last month that they have been dating. (She has yet to meet Rocky Crazy Eyes) I'm just quietly shaking my head, (OK, albeit, rolling my eyes) trying to be supportive.
Now, my brother hasn't had a girlfriend in about 10 years, so I'm not used to seeing him around a woman. Oh! My! God!

He has instantly turned into a 16 yr old boy with googlie-eyes (and I'm sure a massive HO) They were All Over Each Other. It was very, very, very , very strange. Indeed.
And. That's all I'm going to say about that. Because it can't last...can it? I mean, I don't begrudge him a bit of romance, but jeeeeeeezus! (Wait till she meets my mom.)
On the flipside, we did do a little road trip to Mennonite Country, which was very nice. I was enjoying the countryside, and trying to tune out Two-Four, who thought it important to let us know at every house we passed that if didn't have curtains but DID have the requisite-sized windows, that Mennonites lived there. (gee, thanks...I'm sure they heard you as you were SCREAMING in my ear!!!)
Anyway, turns out the Mennonites were all at church, and we came upon hundreds of horses and buggies waiting for their passengers (I should ahve gotten out of the car so you'd see how many there really were, but I didn't want to seem intrusive)

Sunday night, I had a minor melt-down when I thought that Greg's sister was coming with her brood.
Surprisingly, Greg's little sister, Addy, came to my rescue. For some reason, she saw my face, my distress, and I can not even begin to tell you how much a 16 year old girl (with her own anxiety issues) suddenly turns into Dr. Phil. Turns out that we both feel the same way, and we decided that from now on, we would stick together, and have L. and her kids know that they'd have to clean up after themselves. We made a pact. There is a whole lot more to this story that I've got to think about a little more before I put it down in words. But let's just say, that Addy and I are Kindred Spirits.

Monday was a holiday here, Greg and I got up, cleaned up, and left my brother and the Stoner in bed.
We got home and decided to go to see Superman.

You've Got To Go See Superman.
He looks so good in his tights.
It's a GREAT movie.
He looks so good in his tights.
It's entertaining, romantic, and holds true to what Superman is all about.
He looks so good in his tights.
Kevin Spacey is an excellent Lex Luther!
Superman looks SO good in his tights!
Kitty looks like Greg's sister, L. (Well, Parker Posey does)
He looks REALLY good in his tights.

It's out in 3D. I think I'm going to see it again.
Did I mention Superman looks really good in his tights?!