Thursday, July 13, 2006

Couldn't you just cry when your computer gets a virus, and you have to send it out to get fixed? That's what happened earlier this week. It's quite the pain, and made me realize just how much I rely on this little box.
We (mostly Greg) decided that it had come to the point where we should paint our RED kitchen just in case it was scaring off potential condo-buyers. I reluctantly went with him to Home Depot and picked out a boring neutral beige. Either I am one Giant Hormone, or, I truly am emotionally attached to my RED kitchen because I stood there overwhelmed and crying while the boring beige was being mixed. I would be terribly on that show Take This House and Sell It!
When we decided to paint the walls and ceilings red, I remember that it was a great weekend project that we did together. We had only just met, and we had such a fun day. We drank wine, listened to music, and laughed all day as we were still getting to know each other. We really bonded over that red paint. Sounds silly doesn't it? But to me, that kitchen always made me feel happy.
And now, in all it's beigness, it just doesn't feel like my kitchen any more.
I really hope that some Beige Person falls in love with it.
Really Soon.
Because I don't want to look at it too much longer.