Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging

Things have been uneventful. Not particularly bad or anything, but just...uneventful.
So...time to make some fun!
First of all...Weekend Cat Blogging. I missed last week, and have to admit, I missed it! Here is The Dutchess, camping:

Here is Mr. Mao, in front of my very favourite flowers (peonies):

And, a little bit of facial style about what has been going on this week: (Don't ask how I got Greg to pose for these!) But let's just say, that when you brush a hairy cat, and end up with quite a bit of hair in the brush and you start goofing around...this is what you end up with!

It's Gay Pride Week in Toronto!

It's the World Cup in Soccar! Germany Will Win!

And last, but not least, HOCKEY SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!!!!! (is this a bad picture of Greg, or what?!)
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