Monday, June 26, 2006

LOL! So, I'm thinking that it's probably a very good thing that Greg does NOT sport facial hair! He looks a little scary, eh?!

We had a nice weekend at the trailer, and Greg got busy and finally put up our new awning that we bought second hand last summer. At the start of this season, he put the old one up again, just because it was easier, but it really wasn't very effective. The material was all saggy and collected rainwater. In fact, a few weeks ago, after a rainstorm, TwoFour realized that there was a lot of water and tried to push up the awning to run the water off the edge. She touched the fabric, and Voila! Instant rip and rainwater soaking! (Tee-hee...I would have loved to have seen that!) Luckily, she has a very good sense of humour, and can laugh about it now.
One thing about TwoFour that kind of bugs me, is that she has no faith in her kids that they can do anything. According to her, all her kids have panic/anxiety disorders or disabilities of some sort and therefore are unable to do anything without direction. So, Greg decided that he would put up this new awning. TwoFour immediately says that she will go and get Bill, Dave or Dan to come and help because 'they know what they are doing.' Greg says he doesn't need their help. TwoFour then pulls me aside and tells me not to let Greg do this on his own, he doesn't know what he's doing. I said "TwoFour, let him do it. I have faith, and if he has problems, then he'll ask for help." She then tells me, I'm Crazy, he's going to fuck-up a perfectly good awning.
Well, the new awning is up, it looks great, and TwoFour can eat crow.
Then, at dinner, Greg's 16 yr old sister asked me if she could help make salads. There is a salad that I like to make that has cucumbers, green apple, sweet onion and dill in it, and that is the one she wanted to make. She did a great job. At dinner, TwoFour says to me "you'll have to give me the recipe, so I can make it for Addy." It gave me great pleasure to say, "Well, Addy made this one, so maybe she can make it for you!" It'll go well with the Roasted Crow.

A few weekends ago, I planted all my pretty annual flowers. There is not one petal left, thanks to the wild bunnies that have decided my flowers are the tastiest. They've eaten my impatiens, and have started on my morning glories and the Black-eyed Susan leaves. I was advised that Cayenne Pepper sprinkled on the ground will deter wild animals. Well, I think that this will work. Poor little curious cross-eyed Mao traipsed through the garden and I guess stopped to smell what was left of the flowers. Instant Crocodile Tears! He's ok, but I really did not intend to use him as a guinea-pig (or bunny...) Does anyone have a better idea for a bunny deterrent?