Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mrs. H

So, back to life.
Planning is all done, pictures are being processed.
Things are good.
I don't really feel any different, but somehow, things are different. Maybe, I just think different.
I no longer have a boyfriend.
I am no longer Miss B (I liked being a Miss vs. a Ms)
I believe that there is a deeper commitment in being married.

Other than that....things are pretty much status quo.

Two things have come up in the past week that have bugged me somewhat.
One, is that people are asking me...'did you change your name?' 'did you keep your name?' This in itself doesn't bother me, but when I tell people, that yes, I've taken Greg's last name...people seem surprised. Like, it's something weird, something unusual, and I feel compelled to explain.
Before I explain in this post, however, the second thing that is bugging me, is that people who don't know me very well, are feeling like that have to give me advice: You better start having babies! I wish you lots of daughters! You'll be changing diapers soon! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts...those babies!

Sometimes...I just don't know what to say. There is no point in saying: well, you know, my FSH is skyhigh, and it's just not going to happpen. I'm infertile....blah, blah blah. People who have children, or think that children are in their own future don't really think too much about what these few words could mean to someone who really has missed their window of opportunity, or, for whatever reason, are unable to have children naturally. I know people mean well, but I am still sensitive to our situation. answer to that lately, is just " ahh...we'll see."

And, my explanation as to why I've chosen to become Mrs. H, is that with, or without children, Greg and I are a family, and I want to acknowlege that!

And that, is our gift to us.

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