Monday, November 21, 2005

Honeymoon Pictures

For those of you who were wondering, our Vegas wedding also extended into our Honeymoon. We rented a car, and when the guy at the rental place found out it was our honeymoon, he upgraded the car to a convertible Mustang. Whoo-hoo! That was fun! The first night we ended up on Freemont street, in downtown Las Vegas to see the light show. And then drove along the strip to see all the hotels and crazy signs.

The great thing about having a car, was that we were able to get out of Vegas and see some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever laid eyes on. The next day, we drove 5 hours through Boulder City, over the Hoover Dam, across the Mohave desert, up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and saw the most breathtaking sites driving along Desert Canyon Road. We stayed there until the sun went down, even did a bit of hiking down one of the trails (it was more fun climbing down than climbing up, in case you're wondering!)

Then we turned around and drove back 5 hours to the Strip!

One of the hidden gems of Las Vegas has got to be The Valley of Fire State Park. It is about an hour outside of Vegas and is unbelievable beautiful. We headed there not really knowing what to expect, but needing a destination. Wow! What a destination! This place only receives 200,000 visitors a year, which is nothing compared to the 41 Million visitors Las Vegas Airport gets in a year. The Valley of Fire was formed over Millions of Years of wind and water erosion upon the red sandstone. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

On our way out of the Park, we found ourselves in the midst of a herd of cattle! We City-folk get excited about that!

Well, that's the very short version and the highlights of our Honeymoon in Vegas! Neither of us are big gamblers, so we broke even with the bit that we did gamble. The hotels are lovely, we saw 1 fake Elvis, 1 real Paris Hilton, and all-in-all, had a wonderful time.

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