Sunday, November 20, 2005

This past week #1

I remember a few months ago on Michele's site that there was a question as to why I write my blog. Really, I write it for my own pleasure. It amuses me. Sometimes, during the day, things happen that make me think. And, what this blog has done for me, is to make me think a little bit more. And remember a little bit more.
And, a year from now, I also want to remember how I was feeling at this time in my life.

Right now, I want to remember the first few hours in Las Vegas.
After hours of Milk-Run Travelling, we arrived around 3pm in LV. The line up at the airport taxi stand was horrendous, and facing another hour waiting in line with a crapload of luggage, wedding outfits, and centre-pieces, with 9 people, was especially daunting. So, we crammed luggage, carry-on baggage and 9 people into a limo.
Greg and I followed A-Type-Personality Jeff from the taxi stand at the Luxor, into the next hotel...The Excalibur. Then we turned around, followed the signs, and registered at the Luxor.
Our room was fabulous! We looked out onto the MGM Hotel, The Tropicana, The Excalibur!
I must admit, I LOVE the bright neon signs in Vegas. Or anywhere in the world. Hong Kong. New York. New Orleans. Amsterdam.
We were there for about 30 minutes, and then headed to the courthouse in downtown Las Vegas.


Gotta tell ya.
What a circus!
And not the Cirque du Soleil kind.
I'm talking Freak Show Kind.

But, if you're at all feeling like you know me even a little're gonna know that this is the kind of stuff that I really, really,like!

It wasn't a bad line-up. I mean, we knew that we'd have to wait about 30 minutes or so. We walked in, and initally, it was like walking into a very brightly, florescently-lit party. We were a little nervous, and so walked in and tried to figure out our bearings.
I remember getting into the line, and looking to my right at a desk. Papers and pencils available. Like we were at a Consumer's Distributing line-up. (do any of you Canadians remember this place?!) On some of the pencil boxes, people had written "DON'T DO IT!!!" "TURN BACK!" "MISTAKE!

Initially, things look pretty normal.

Then I started really looking around. There was this Jewish man wearing a Yamulke who was taking an extraordinarily long amount of time asking questions and sweating. Or, to me, he looked to be sweating. Or maybe, he was just being a little. bit. too. precise. And, I was getting pissed off. He took up about 20 minutes of our waiting time!
So, we're standing in line...looking around. And, honestly, it was surreal.
The couple in front of us...the guy was a jerk. The woman was about my age, smiling, going along with it all, kind of straight-laced. The guy had his buddy standing on the other side of the Consumer's desk. He was all cracks and jibes. They sounded like they might as well be at the Rippers.
A couple got their license and were leaving. The guy was acting all cool. He was wearing a pin-stiped suit and a fedora. The whole bouncy-walk and all. Need I say the word "pimp?!"
Another guy, well, he was plump. OK, I am normally VERY weight sensitive, but, this guy was fat. The only thing holding his pants up were suspenders. He was at least 450 pounds. And, I have to tell you...he was with a very sexy woman.
The couple behind us were fighting. She hated his parents and was making it very clear that she did not want to have dinner with his parents that night, even though they were having a post-wedding brunch with her side the next day. Can you say D-I-V-O-R-I-C-E?
Then, just as we headed to wicket Number 1 (Where the Jewish man was) (It MUST be a lucky wicket!) we eyed the Oscar of ALL Wedding Chapel Couples!
She: wore a white taffita knee-length skirk, with a pink satin sleeveless top
He: wore a suit.
She: Probably 65ish, dressed like a partying 35year old, but kinda-sorta looking more like a partying 85 yr old! Not many teeth.
He: Probably 45ish, looking 45ish. All Smiles. Drunk As Arse.


So, we're being normal, behaved people.
And I start evesdropping on the couple beside us. Because it was funny-weird. I was very glad that not was not marrying HIM. First, he joked about whether or not his divorce was even final, and then he joked about his wife not knowing who her father was. He said that she was the REAL test-tube baby. What an ASS.

But we got our marriage license, and then met everyone for drinks...