Saturday, September 10, 2005

Self Help

Well, I'm back in the saddle again, or, uh rather, I'm back trying to get rid of the saddle-bags again. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, that this is my 3rd time this year joining Weight Watchers, and this is probably my 18th time joining in my lifetime. And, please note: I have never made it to Lifetime Member.
The first time I joined I was in Highschool, Grade 12 I think. That was the plan where you could only have 2 eggs a week, and you had to have liver at least once a week. I lasted 5 weeks, and lost 2 lbs.
At university, I surpassed the Freshman 15 and gained about 25 lbs. For my birthday that year my mom bought me a membership at Physicians Weight Loss. I ate 500 calories a day, I had Vitamin B injections once a week, lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks, and woke up at night with cramps in my feet. I kept the weight off for about 4 months.
About 10 years ago I ventured back to WW. This time it was the Fat & Fibre plan. That was a pain in the ass (Literally...) Not successful.
At 26, I moved to Saudi Arabia, where alcohol was illegal. Sure people made it in their homes, but I was too afraid. So, I abstained and promptly lost 15lbs.
Then, I moved back to Canada, learned to like wine and re-gained the pounds.
8 years ago I joined WW again and the plan was a bit better. Little boxes to check off the glasses of water, the milk, the cheese, the breads, the meats, the veggies and fruits. Much better (and no liver!) I was actually doing fairly well, except that I hated the meetings. I was living out in the 'burbs and the group meetings I went to mostly included middle-aged housefraus with teenaged children. I had nothing in common with them, I was young, I was a weekend partier! The ladies would lament about cheating with chocolates and chips, but surprisingly, that wasn't my sinful luxury. One lady proudly told the group that while she still bought chocolate and chips, she kept it out of sight by telling her kids to take it straight to their rooms! Stoopit me (the only time I ever said anything at the meeting) asked her if maybe that wasn't the best idea? That maybe she was encouraging her teens to eat poorly?
Well. Let's just say that was a mistake. I should have just my big fat mouth shut. The woman zeroed in on me, and said : "oh, you're usually so quiet! What sinful treat do you have?" "Ummm...well, I like red wine, and sometimes I have more than one glass" (OK, I ALWAYS have more than one glass, but I wasn't about to say that!) So then, the group decided to give me unasked for advice: "dilute it with soda!" ("Why would I ruin a perfectly good glass of wine with soda?") "Just buy a half bottle!" ("Way more expensive, not as good a selection") I had all these very logical reasons. Finally Chocolate Troll Lady totally humiliated me by yelling out "WELL PERHAPS YOU ARE IN THE WRONG SELF-HELP GROUP!!!" Yes, everyone was snickering. Yes, I was mortified. No, I never went back to another meeting. But, I had reached my own personal goal by then, anyway.
I managed to keep my poundage under control until I met Greg, the Man of my Dreams. He was my partner in crime. We both love to eat, and wash it all down with a good bottle of wine. And we like TV.
Last year I started my WW journey again. Points plan. Not bad, even started to exercise. Lost weight for the summer. Gained it all back over the summer.
This year. Back to WW again. Did not want to be Fat and Forty. New plan: Flex points or Core plan. Lost a bit in time for Las Vegas in April. Lost the WW momentum.
This past Monday, I joined again, because I have a wedding dress to fit in to in 2 months! No change in plan this time, although I'm trying the on-line version. No meetings! Bought my own digital scale. It's been 5 days, I'm walking an hour every day, and am staying within my points. I have cooled it with the wine, well, I'm still having a 4oz glass a day because Fergie, Dutchess of York doesn't go without it either. And a glass a day is good for your heart. And I wouldn't want to totally deprive myself, because then I'd probably really crave it and cave in. And, because I really CAN turn down chocolate and chips.
And, YES! I AM certain I am in the right self-help group!

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