Wednesday, September 07, 2005

2-4 and Terry Fox

I have a funny Two-Four story from last weekend. We were sitting around talking about Terry Fox and the new commemorative Adidas running shoes that are on the market now. They are replicas of his original shoes, with a map of his run inside. Greg's sister's boyfriend was actually on the marketing project for this shoe.

Anyway, Two-Four starts talking about how years ago she was watching a tv interview with Terry Fox. Now, it is quite noticeable that when she is in conversation, that she really doesn't listen to what anyone else has to contribute. Here is an example:

2-4: "I remember watching the tv and this young kid named Terry Fox was talking about how he was going to run across Canada to raise money for cancer. I remember thinking Ya right. I mean how old could he have been, what was he, 23 when he died?"

Me: "I think he was younger, maybe 21"

2-4: "ya, ok, so he was 22 when I saw this interview he was on"

I just let her keep talking...but I was cracking up inside! Too much!

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