Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Did you miss me?! I missed you!
I was away a trailer for a few days over the long weekend, and prior to that, really was just at a loss for words. My heart breaks when I watch the news about New Orleans. Those poor, poor people. It is such a tragedy, and I am so saddened. It seems like everytime I turn the tv on, there is some new horror facing that city. And, perhaps this is meaningless to some people, but yesterday I got all choked up when they showed abandoned dogs still clinging to the rooftops, clearly not a priority in saving and evacuating lives. Although, some folks did all they could to save their pets:
On a happier note, The Audubon Zoo Animals seemed to fare all right. It seems as though the Zoo had a better hurricane disaster plan than the City of New Orleans did. There were a few flamingos that died and also some sea otters, but overall most animals survived. Greg and I had visited this beautiful park when we were in New Orleans, and it had crossed our minds as to what might have happened to the animals. (There is something to be said for building an Ark!)
Well, just a quick entry for tonight, I have to get to bed before my willpower leaves me, but more on that tomorrow.

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