Friday, April 29, 2005

Wednesday after work, Greg and I raced to the animal shelter clear across on the other side of the city, during rush hour, because Greg REALLY wanted this cat he had seen on the internet. (other guys search for porn, he searches for cats...he's interested in a different kind of pussy, I guess! Bad joke, I know....)
In short, the cat was gorgeous! A dark seal point Siamese, very affectionate and cuddly. I was still hesitant, but Greg INSISTED. I could have said 'no' until I was blue in the face, but he wasn't taking that for an answer. So, he bought the cat. It howled the whole way home.
We got home around 7pm, I called my mom to tell her we got another cat. But. I lied to her! I told her that I got home from work and Greg had brought this cat home that had been GIVEN to him by someone from work who had heard he loves Siamese cats. I mentioned that this cat looks very similar to a cat she had that died a few years ago. That was all it took. She was downtown within the hour, to see our new cat.
One look. Just one look was all it took for my mom to fall in love all over again! She picked this cat up (who, mind you, was purring whenever ANYONE picked it had just spent three weeks at the shelter!) the cat purred (on cue) and my mom thought the cat had equally fallen in love with her!
Well, we had also invited another couple over, Scott and Christine, who are also animalaholics, and my mom actually hissed at me "You're not going to give the cat to THEM, are you?) "Uh,'s Greg's cat."
Well, she didn't stay long, but during that short time, managed to give Greg the googly-eyes while desperately hanging on to this cat, trying to convince him that the cat already loved her, and she should really keep him.
As quickly as she came, she got up, with the cat in tow, said they were leaving, raced to the elevator, and pushed the
'close door' button. Greg's new cat was abducted.
Now, to give my mom credit, at some point during her short stay, I think I did hear Greg say that if she loved the cat THAT much, he guessed she could keep him. She certainly didn't have to hear that twice.
So, easy come, easy go. At least the cat is going to a good home. And last night he slept in my mom's arms. And, I guess she really has fallen in love.
With "Batcho" (Italian for Kiss.)

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