Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Arrgh!!!! I just finished a log on my blog and the whole fricken thing just disappeared as I was checking it for spelling errors!!! Arrgh! OK...I will try to remember...
Firstly...I have not written since Las Vegas as I haven't been in the best frames of mind. There are things rattling around in my head that do not make me feel great about myself, but also, make me wonder what other people really do think about me. Things that have upset me. Things that have pissed me off. But, I don't want to talk about that tonight, I need to stew about it a bit longer, and decide if it's really worth it in the long run.
I have started a few projects. OK...a lot of them (MOST OF THEM!!!) have needed attending to for quite some time.
1) Christine's Bridal Shower. I won the organization of this by default. Her Maid of Honour lives in Scotland, she asked me to be her bridesmaid as because, well, I guess I am her second best friend. (I was VERY surprised when she asked me. We are friends, but not GREAT friends.) Anyway, as time has gone on, I have realized that I kind of feel bad for Christine. I mean, here she is, she loves this guy and wants to marry him, and doesn't really have anyone close around to share this special time with. (Her mother is a flake, has run off to Oz to marry her internet Boyfriend.)
Anyway. I have actually had some fun organizing this shower. I wish that I could have done this for Denine or Leah Ann, but I was living away at the time. I have handmade invitations, maps, games planned (but nothing to painful, or corny because I hate that) the menu, the drinks. I just hope Scott's Family turns up, because they are the bulk of the invitees.
2) Dinner party this Saturday night. 4 couples. My big mouth "COME FOR DINNER!!!." Menu: Greek food. Kabobs, Hummus, rice, potatoes, salad. What can go wrong.?!
3) the Trailer. Needs new roof, new ceiling, new paint, water heater. I lose sleep over this. Plus, I have to garden, and have a wonderful plan in my head. Very colourful.
4) Condo will be on the market my May 15th. Storage locker arranged. Check. Some boxes packed. Check. Bathroom ceiling finally painted. Check. Still way to much to do...
5) my 40th Birthday party. Will be held at Salena's backyard. Don't know when or what we will eat. Will figure that out later.
6) Greg has found a Siamese cat at the shelter he wants to rescue. I have definitely met man who loves cats even more than I love cats. How can I refuse?
ok That's it for now.\