Monday, March 07, 2005

The weekend went well. We got up to Denise's kind of late, around 6pm, too late to visit the trailer. I was sorry about that because I just wanted a little trailer 'fix' to get me through to the spring. We have major repairs to do this year, but hopefully we'll be able to get started on them in early May.
So, the whole Famdamily was there. Kids running around, tv on, Nan talking about her dead friend. I hid in the kitchen, felt safe there. Nan had brought a Magnum of wine for dinner...I was pretty much the only one drinking helped! Actually, she is very sweet. Her and Dennis (AKA Grandpop) finally won the jackpot at the casino. She made a point of asking him to buy a bottle of red for me (I think she likes me! She really, really likes me!) She also gave me her secret Curry Dip recipe last Thanksgiving with the promise that I never, ever pass it on to anyone. I've never actually made this recipe, but I do have it taped onto the inside of my kitchen cupboard door. The last time she was over, I made a point of showing her where I safely store it so it won't get lost, that I treasure it. (That's right, I'm buttering up the Old Girl!) But she was clearly quite chuffed. And, in a way, I am too. I KNOW she doesn't give out this recipe to Just Anyone.
So yes, I shamelessly drank quite a bit of the red stuff on Saturday night. Just enough to get me tipsy. I did count ALL my points and am still ok for the rest of the week, as long as I don't go crazy. It's really a shame that wine doesn't count as a fruit serving.
Greg and I have had a few conversations about kids this past week. One pertained to adoption, and followed the adoption conversation at work. Apparently, it costs $40K to adopt internationally when all is said and done. This includes adoption fees, legal fees, red tape fees, flights, accommodation, time off work. There are two ways to look at this. One is that its really quite expensive and that we don't have the money for this. The other is that it is the price of a luxury car, and for that price we are giving a child the opportunity for a better life. Greg suggested we adopt dogs, which pretty much ended that conversation.
Saturday night, on the drive home, we talked about it again. I said that I thought maybe I was too old afterall to think about having kids. Imagine being 55 and dealing with a teenager. Adriana had her bf Cory over and they were holed up in her bedroom all evening. Brianne, is 12 going on 22 and she is quite frankly, a moody little bitch. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and call it hormones, but likely she just doesn't have any manners. Honestly, what a headache. I guess you never know how your kid is going to turn out, and everyone wants to think that their kid is a peach. And damn! They are cute when they are little. It's a hard call.