Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Oh My God! Ugh...I KNEW I was up there, but not THAT up there! That means's that I have 30 lbs to lose to get to the upper weight range for my height. That's a lot of poundage. I bought the 12 week plan, I figure that that will bring me close to my 40th birthday and I had better be down 20lbs by then. Easy on the vino, eat for only 1 person, and exercise. I'm looking forward to feeling better in my own skin again, but not looking forward to the work it'll take to get there. But, today was the first step at a time. Salena is also going, and we will be a good support for each other. (I have decided to forgive her for getting engaged before me.) So my plan after the meeting was to go and buy some Running Chews (sneakers) but quite frankly, I didn't feel like spending money on them. Instead, I bought 4 tops from Reitmans which came to $120.00 and beautiful bed linen from Pottery Barn which came to $170.00. Including the $199.00 that I spent on the Weight Watchers membership for 12 weeks, I somehow managed to spend almost $500.00! What am I doing? I don't have $500 to spend like this...but DAMN! if felt good. What is it about Retail Therapy that instantly makes you feel better? In fact, I feel SO good, it's like I lost those 30 lbs already!