Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pulling up the Socks

Whew! I've spent all of this morning trying to get this blog of mine looking good. Thanks to Denine, I think I am getting the hang of it.
I'm working evenings this week, which I really don't mind, it's kind of nice to hang out at home alone just doing my own thing. The downside of it is that Greg and I don't see more than 5 minutes of each other for a few days. He waited up for me last night as there is a winter storm happening here, but literally 2 minutes later he was in bed, asleep. What is it with men who fall asleep BEFORE their head even hits the pillow? When I finally crawled in to bed around 1:30 he was all sweaty and grinding his teeth! Hmph...wonder what HE was dreaming about?! Needless to say, it took me a while to fall asleep! (Hey....at least he doesn't snore!)
Work was ok last evening. It was quiet so we girls had some time to talk. And of course, discussion always seems to come around to pregnancy, babies, and children. I'm trying to not be super-sensitive to these topics but invariably someone always turns to me and says 'so when are you and Greg going to get busy and have some babies?' Now I know that people don't mean to be hurtful, but sometimes I just feel like shrinking when I'm asked this. Last night, however, I just said that we are unable to have kids. And nurses being nurses wanted to know why. Well, didn't I have centre stage when I got to tell that I was pre-menopausal and other than egg-donation there was nothing more that could be done. For once, I get to hit one of life's milestones before any of my friends! What a great achievement! Actually, the girls were pretty great about it. The conversation turned to adoption, but you know, to be honest...I'm not so sure that this is a path I want to take. Does that sound terrible? Maybe...but right now, I'm really not sure. I romantically envisioned us having a little red-haired kid with gappy teeth. I stubbornly hang on to that picture in my mind, and have not considered hanging a new picture. It's just one of those things.
What I absolutely DO know is that it is time for me to pull up my socks and make new plans. So, in saying that, my immediate new plan is to start Weight Watchers (for the umpteenth time) and lose these pity-pounds.
1) I do not want to be fat and 40.
2) I want to fit into real clothes again...not just flannel jammie bottoms, yoga pants, and my Big-girl scrub uniforms
3) Health reasons (ok, maybe that should be reason #1)
4) I am in 2 wedding parties later this year...I want to hold my head up high and look fabulous
5) It might inspire Greg to lose weight as well
6) When I look good, I feel good


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