Friday, February 11, 2005

Boring work story

Worked evenings last night with Dale. Those shifts have been really busy lately. No big deal, work is work and its still better than CrCU. There is this one woman at work who is really nice, but comes across as flakey. Yesterday I realized that maybe she really is a bit dangerous too. It pisses me off when nurses don't admit their short-comings and potentially put a pt's life at risk. In this case, she had never taken out a cordis before. And, although two team leaders had reminded her that the line needed to come out before the pt was transfered to the floor, she held off and held off hoping that someone else would do it for her. Personally, I don't think she's very comptetant, and I wonder how she manages on weekends when she has to work alone.
Dave has taken the bus to Ingrid's place twice this week. I think he really thinks that he has a chance with her! Haha...serves her right for leading him on last weekend! I think its hilarious...she's now a little nervous about the whole thing. Funniest thing is, that she can't take a joke about this, and gets pissed of if we tease her!
Meeting Alicia for lunch today, haven't seen her since the cruise...looking forward to having lunch out.

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