Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This week, my mom and bro are off to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.
Seems like my mom has found a new travel partner?! Uh...ya.
I could have gone, but it seems like I have a job.
Am I bitter? No...not really.
Everything comes with a price...right?
Anyway, Greg and I do have a vacation planned. It corresponds with a work conference and Greg is tagging along this year! We are going to Portugal! We leave the middle of April and are gone for two weeks. We figure we'll spend 5 days in Lisbon (3 days of which I'm at a conference) and then head north up the coast to Porto and then spend af ew days in Spain. Afterwhich (is that a word?!) we go to Paris for 3 days and Vienna for 1 day. It'll be a busy vacation, but I'm looking forward to being away.

I've been hanging out on Facebook a bit more lately and have gotten in touch with some people I've known in a past life, it's been fun actually. People I've known from public school, high school and from when I lived overseas. I think this is such a good thing, mostly because in my younger years I was so shy and self-conscious it's been a real eye-opener to realize that maybe I wasn't so different after all. Have you 3 readers been on Facebook yet? (Pez, I know that you are there!) It's a nice distraction, and I totally recommend it, even though I'm not on it everyday.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to enter something on this Blogthing of mine, so this is it.
Work is good.
The puppies are the light in my life (other than Greg and the kitties of course!)
I do have things to rant about, but I'm thinking I should save that for when I'm in a ranting mood.
Till then!


Bob-kat said...

Your trip sounds wonderful though to appreciate Vienna you truly need more than one day there. It really is one of my favourite places!

I have been on FB for quite a while. I love the little updates that you can do to let people know what you are up to. It's great to see what your friends have posted :)

moon said...

WOW I am so happy for you!! Sounds like it will be a super trip..I look forward to the photos!
I have facebook, add me if u like Monette Bouvier ...

Donna said...

I'm also on FB, it's been a great thing for me to reconnect with my friends up in Vancouver, most of whom I fell out of touch with when I moved to California 20 years ago. I would dearly love to go on vacation, but it doesn't look like its going to happen this year. Please take lots of pics!

eda said...