Thursday, February 26, 2009

I spent the day today at a workshop that discussed data tools and analysis. Far out of the realm of bedside nursing, but all in all, I learned a lot that can be applied to the job I'm doing now. One of the good things about this position, is that I am actually encouraged to go to Organizational Development workshops, and now I actually have the time to go. Frontline nursing only has the oppportunity to go to these kinds of workshops on their days off...and who in their right mind would want to head to the hospital on a day off?! I've made a point of going to as many workshops as possible, conflict management and resolution, effect change management, giving and receiving feedback, teaching the adult learner...lots. I may only have another 6 months left of this job, so I think I'm going to make the most of it. As much as I have days that I'm frustrated, and think about going back to the bedside, I also know that I've learned so much and am only now starting to understand how to put it all together. I think for a newbie Educator, I've done a fairly decent job, and definitely nothing to be ashamed of. I cover 6 areas which is a very large group of nurses, and my position extends far beyond educating.

Anyway, enough about work. I think I'm feeling good about it today because the workshop was really helpful.

Have I mentioned before that I am not a morning person? Most days, I can be up and out of the house in half an hour, 45 minutes if I have to have a shower. This morning was one of those half hour mornings (well, more like 25 minutes, and every minute DOES count!) I was racing around and threw on a sweater that was not too wrinkled that had been lying on a bedroom chair.

I got to the workshop on time, but when I finally caught my breath, I looked down and realized that I had enough hair on my sweater to knit another pet! OMG! 2 dogs and 4 cats shedding their winter fur, and it was all on my sweater! Thankfully, it was cream coloured, so it wasn't quite as noticeable, but even I thought it was gross. I started picking the fur out, but then I thought if I just left it alone, maybe people would think it was part of the fabric...


After work today, Aud and I went to Goodwill. They were having a 50% off sale, and the place was packed! I scored 4 cobalt blue wine glasses for 75 cents each, 2 yello pyrex serving dishes, and a book by Emily Giffin called Baby Proof that I had been looking for. Small things, but I felt good buying something that didn't cost a lot of money. Actually, I didn't even pay for it, Aud did as we carpool with my car and I refuse to take gas money from her. I am very glad that I've found a friend who loves Goodwill as much as I do! We have spent quite a few Saturdays going from one to another.


Donna said...

Good for you for taking advantage of your workshops while you can! We can all still learn so much, no matter how long we've been doing something.

Oh man, I have been there with not finding out my clothes are covered in dog hair until I'm actually out in public! I always carry a purse-sized roller thingie for cleanup.

eda said...